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John Lennon

John Lennon

English singer and songwriter

John Winston Ono Lennon is one of the most famous musical artists ever. He shot to fame as one of The Beatles. He co-wrote most of the band’s songs, the majority of which are now rock classics. He also helped shape the social revolution of the 1960s. His solo career further elevated him as a music legend. Lennon also achieved fame as a peace activist.

Lennon was born in Liverpool in 1940. He was brought up by an aunt, who bought him a harmonica and taught him how to play the banjo. Lennon’s mother played him Elvis Presley records and he fell in love with Rock and Roll. He told his mother and aunt he would be a famous singer one day.


January 2001
The Beatles appear on the cover of Guitar World
December 8, 1980
John Lennon Killed
May 8, 1970
The Beatles release Let It Be
September 26, 1969
The Beatles release Abbey Road
January 17, 1969
The Beatles release Yellow Submarine
November 22, 1968
The Beatles release the White Album
November 27, 1967
The Beatles release Magical Mystery Tour
June 1, 1967
The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles release Revolver
December 3, 1965
The Beatles release Rubber Soul


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