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Jalaluddin al-Suyuti

Jalaluddin al-Suyuti

Milad by Imam Jalaluddin Al Auyuti

Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti, also known as Ibn al-Suyuti, was a mujtahid imam and reformer of the tenth Islamic century.

Al-Suyuti was a prominent Hadith Master, jurist, Sufi, philologist, and historian, who authored works in virtually every Islamic science.

Early Life & Education

Born to a Turkish mother and a father of Persian origin, Al-Suyuti was born in 849 AH and died in 911 AH in Cairo. His full name was Abd al-Rahman ibn Kamal al-Din Abi Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Sabiq al-Din Jalal al-Din al-Misri al-Suyuti al-Shafi’i al-Ashari.

Al-Suyuti was raised as an orphan in Cairo. He memorized the Qur'an at the age of eight, followed by several complete works of Sacred Law, fundamentals of jurisprudence, and Arabic grammar.

He then devoted his life to studying the Sacred Sciences under approximately 150 sheikhs. Among them were the foremost Shafii and Hanafi sheikhs at the time, such as

Sheikh al-Islam Siraj al-Din al-Bulqini, with whom he studied Shafi’i jurisprudence

the Hadith scholar Sheikh al-Islam Sharaf al-Din al-Munawi, with whom he read Qur'anic exegesis and who commented on al-Suyuti's Al-jami al-saghir in a book entitled Fayd al-Qadir

Taqi al-Din al-Shamani, with whom he studied Hadith and the sciences of Arabic

Jalal al-Din al-Mahalli, a specialist in the principles of the law, together with whom he compiled the most widespread, condensed commentary on the Qur'an of our time: Tafsir al-Jalalayn.

the Hanafi sheikh Shihab al-Din al-Sharmisahi

Sheikh Muhyi al-Din al-Kafayji

the Hadith Master Sayf al-Din Qasim ibn Qatlubagha.

In the pursuit of knowledge, al-Suyuti travelled to Damascus, the Hejaz, Yemen, India and Morocco, as well as to centers of learning in Egypt such as Mahalla, Dumyat, and Fayyum.

Teaching Career

Al-Suyuti spent some time as the head teacher of Hadith at the Shaykhuniyya school in Cairo, at the recommendation of Imam Kamal al-Din ibn al-Humam. He then took up the same position at Baybarsiyya, but was dismissed due to complaints from other sheikhs whom he had replaced.

After this, he retired into scholarly seclusion, and did not return to the field of teaching.

Withdrawal From Public Life

Ibn Iyas, in Tarikh Misr, reveals that when al-Suyuti reached forty years of age, he abandoned the company of men for the solitude of the garden of al-Miqyas, by the side of the river Nile, where he avoided his former colleagues as though he had never known them. It was there that he authored the majority of his nearly 600 books and treatises.

Wealthy Muslims and princes would visit him with offers of money and gifts but he rejected them and also refused the Sultan many times when he requested al-Suyuti’s presence. He once said to the Sultan's envoy:

“Do not ever come back to us with a gift, for in truth Allah has put an end to all such needs for us.”

Scholarship, Works, & Legacy

Al-Suyuti was blessed with great success in his years of solitude, and made significant contributions in almost every field of Islamic knowledge.

Among his most prominent works are:

His ten-volume Hadith collection Jam al-Jawami ('The Collection of Collections')

His Qur'anic exegesis Tafsir al-Jalalayn ('Commentary of the Two Jalals') in which he finished the second half of an uncompleted manuscript by Jalal al-Din Mahalli in just forty days

His classic commentary on the sciences of Hadith Tadrib al-Rawi fi Sharh Taqrib al-Nawawi ('The Training of the Hadith Transmitter: An Exegesis of Nawawi's "The Facilitation"')

The editors of Dalil Makhtutat al-Suyuti ('Guide to al-Suyuti's Manuscripts') have listed 723 works to his name.

Examples Of His Works

Some of al-Suyuti's are brief fatwas which do not exceed four pages, such as his notes on the hadith 'Whoever says: "I am knowledgeable" he is ignorant,' entitled Adhab al-Manahil fi Hadith Man Qala Ana Alim.

The following discussion demonstrates the depth & complexity of al-Suyuti's analysis, even in his shortest works.

This is a list of all the writings of Jalaluddin Suyuti with brief introductory notes and links to those writings on the Internet.

  • Abwāb al-Sa'āda fī Asbāb al-Shahāda <1987> أبواب السعادة في أسباب الشهادة ("The Gates of Felicity in the Causes of the Witnessing to Oneness"), 88 printed pages, collection of Ahadith about martyrdom
  • Al-Ashbāh wa al-Nazā'ir fī Furū' al-Shāfi'iyya الاشباه والنظائر في فروع الشافعية ("Inter-Related Topics in Shāfi'ī Law")
  • Al-Ashbāh wa al-Nazā'ir fī al-Nahw الأشباه و النظائر في النحو ("Inter-Related Topics in Arabic"), published in Hyderabad India 1940, Vol-1, Vol-2, Vol-3, Vol-4
  • Al-Ahādīth al-Hisān fī Fadl al-Taylasān <1983> الأحاديث الحسان في فضل الطيلسان ("The Fair Narrations on the Merit of the Unstitched Head-Shawl"), merits of the Head-Shawl, an outer garment worn by the Prophet (peace be upon him)
  • Al-Fawz al-Azīm fī Liqā al-Karīm <1994> الفوز العظيم في لقاء الكريم ("The Tremendous Victory in Meeting the All-Generous"), manuscript
  • Alfiyyat al-Suyūtī al-Nahwiyya <1900> ("The Thousand-Line Poem on Grammar")
  • Alfiyyat al-Suyūtī fī Mustalah al-Hadīth <1988> ("The Thousand-Line Poem on Hadith Nomenclature")
  • Amal al-Yawm wa al-Layla <1987> ("Supererogatory Devotions for Each Day and Night")
  • Al-Itqān fī Ulūm al-Qur'ān <1996> ("Precision and Mastery in the Sciences of the Quran")
  • Anīs al-Jalīs <1874> ("The Familiar Companion")
  • Al-Araj fī al-Faraj <1988> ("A Commentary on Ibn Abi al-Dunya's 'The Deliverance'," a work on hope and joy)
  • Al-Arba'ūn Hadīth fī Qawa'id al-Ahkām al-Shar'iyya <1986> ("Forty Narrations on Basic Legal Rulings")
  • Asbāb al-Nuzūl <1983> ("Causes of Quranic Revelation" verse by verse)
  • Asbāb Wurūd al-H. adīth <1988> ("Causes and Circumstances of Hadith")
  • Isbāl al-Kisā' alā al-Nisā <1984> ("Women and the Donning of Cover")
  • Asrār Tartīb al-Qur'ān <1976> أسرار ترتيب القرآن ("The Secret in the Ordering of the Quran"), text version
  • Al-Āyat al-Kubrā fī SharhQissat al-Isra' <1985> ("The Great Sign: Commentary on the Story of the Prophet's Night Journey")
  • Ayn al-Isāba fī Istidrāk Ā'ishata alā al-Sahāba <1988> ("Exactitude Itself in Aisha's Rectification of the Companions")
  • Al-Azhār al-Mutanāthira fīl-Ahādīth al-Mutawātira <1951> ("The Most Prominent of the Reports Concerning the Narrations of Mass Transmission")
  • Al-Bāhir fī Hukm al-Nabī Sallā Allāh Alayhi wa Sallam fī al-Bātin wa al-Zāhir <1987> ("The Dazzling Light Concerning the Prophet's Judgment in Hidden and Visible Matters")
  • Al-Bahjat al-Mardiyya fī Sharhal-Alfiyya <1980> البهجة المرضية في شرح الألفية في النحو ("The pleasing beauty: commentary on Muhammad ibn Abd Allāh Ibn Mālik's (d. 1274 CE) Alfiyya [thousand-line poem on grammar]"), manuscripts: vol-1, vol-2, vol-3
  • Bulbul al-Rawda <1981> ("Chronicle on al-Rawda, Egypt")
  • Bushrā al-Ka'īb bi Liqā' al-Habīb <1960> ("The consolation of the sad with the meeting of the Beloved")
  • Al-Dībāj alā Sahīh Muslim ibn al-Hajjāj <1991> ("Two-volume commentary on Sahih Muslim")
  • Al-Durar al-Muntathira fī al-Ahādīth al-Mushtahara <1988> ("The scattered pearls of famous narrations"); also published as al-Nawāfih. al-Atira fī al-Ahādīth al-Mushtahara <1992> ("The fragrant scents of famous narrations")
  • Al-Durr al-Manthūr fīl-Tafsīr bi al-Ma'thur ("The scattered pearls: A commentary of Quran based on transmitted reports")
  • Al-Durūj al-Munīfa fīl-Ābā' al-Sharīfa <1916> ("The outstanding entries concerning the Prophet's ancestors")
  • Fadd al-Wi'ā' fī Ahādīth Raf' al-Yadayn fīl-Du'ā <1985> فض الوعاء في أحاديث رفع اليدين بالدعاء ("The emptying of the vessel concerning raising the hands when making supplication")
  • Al-Ghurar fī Fadā'il Umar <1991> الغرر في فضائل عمر ("The Radiant Highlights: Umar's merits"), text version
  • Al-Habā'ik fī Akhbār al-Malā'ik <1985> الحبائك في أخبار الملائك ("The Celestial Orbits or the Reports Concerning the Angels"), text version
  • Haqīqat al-Sunna wal-Bid'a aw al-Amr bil-Ittibā' wal-Nahī an al-Munkar <1985> ("The Reality of Sunna and Innovation or the Ordering of Obedient Following and the Prohibition of Evil-Doing")
  • Al-Hāwī lil-Fatāwī fīl-Fiqh wa-Ulūm al-Tafsīr wal-Hadīth wal-Usūl wal-Nahwi wal-I'rāb wa-Sā'ir al-Funūn <1933> ("The collected legal responses in jurisprudence, Quranic commentary, h.adīth, principles, language, and other sciences")
  • Al-Hujaj al-Mubayyana fīl-Tafdīl bayna Makkata wal-Madīna <1985> ("The proofs made manifest concerning the superexcellence of Makka and Madīna")
  • Husn al-Maqsid fī Amal al-Mawlid <1985> ("Excellence of purpose in celebrating the birth of the Prophet"), also in the Hāwī
  • Husn al-Samti fīl-Samt <1985> ("The merits of silence")
  • Ihyā' al-Mayt bi Fadā'il Ahl al-Bayt <1988> ("Giving life to the dead, or: the merits of the Family of the Prophet")
  • Ikhtilāf al-Madhāhib <1989> ("The divergences among the schools of law")
  • Al-Iklīl fī Istinbāt al-Tanzīl <1981> ("The diadem: the extraction of rulings from the revealed Book")
  • Inbāh al-Adhkiyā' fī Hayāt al-Anbiyā' <1916> أنباء الأذكياء في حياة الأنبياء ("Notice to the wise concerning the life of the Prophets [i.e. in the grave]")
  • Al-Iqtirāh fī 'Ilm Usūl al-Nahw <1978> ("The authoritative discourse concerning the science of philology")
  • Al-Izdihār fīmā Aqadahu al-Shu'arā' min al-Ahādīth wal-Āthār <1991> ("The flourishes of poets related to the Prophetic narrations and sayings of the Companions")
  • Jam' al-Jawāmi' al-Ma'rūf bil-Jāmi' al-Kabīr <1970> ("The collection of collections, known as the Major Collection")
  • Jāmi' al-Ahādīth al-Jāmi' al-Saghīr wa Zawā'idihi <1994> ("The Minor Collection and its addenda")
  • Janī al-Jinās <1986> ("The genera of rhetoric")
  • Jazīl al-Mawāhib fī Ikhtilāf al-Madhāhib <1992> ("The abundant gifts concerning the differences among the schools of law")
  • Al-Kanz al-Madfūn wa al-Falak al-Mashhūn <1992> ("The buried treasure in the laden ship: An encyclopedia of Islamic history")
  • Kashf al-Sals ala an Wasf al-Zalzala <1987> ("The transmitted expositions concerning the description of the Earthquake of Doomsday")
  • Al-Radd alā man Akhlada ilā al-Ard wa Jahila anna al-Ijtihāda fī Kulli Asrin Fard <1984> ("Refutation of the Shiftless Who Have no Idea that Scholarly Striving is a Religious Obligation in Every Age")
  • Kitāb al-Shamārikh fī Ilm al-Tārikh <1894> ("The book of date-heavy stalks: a primer on historiography")
  • Kitāb al-Shihāb al-Thāqib fī Dhamm al-Khalīl <1992> ("The Piercing Arrows", a commentary on the vizier and jurist Alī ibn Zāfir's (d. 623) "The Healing of the Parched Concerning the Castigation of One's Dear Friend," a book on the ethics of friendship)
  • Kitāb al-Tabarrī min Ma'arrat al-Ma'arrī wa Tuhfat al-Zurafā' bi-Asmā' al-Khulafā' <1989> ("Poetry on the names of the Caliphs")
  • Kitāb al-Tadhkīr bil-Marji' wal-Masīr <1991> ("Book of the reminder of the Return to Allāh")
  • Kitāb Asmā' al-Mudallisīn <1992> ("The book of narrators who omit certain details while narrating")
  • Kitāb Bughyat al-Wu'āt fī Tabaqāt al-Lughawiyyīn <1908> ("The must of the sagacious concerning the synchronical layers of lexicologists and philologists")
  • Kitāb Ham' al-Hawāmi' Sharh Jam' al-Jawāmi' fī 'Ilm al-Nahw <1973> ("The rushing floodgates, or commentary on the Collection of collections on the science of philology")
  • Kitāb H. usn al-Muhādara fī Akhbāri Misra wa al-Qāhira <1904> ("The excellent lectures concerning the chronicle of Egypt and Cairo")
  • Kitāb Itmām al-Dirāya li Qurrā' al-Nuqāya <1891> ("The perfection of knowledge for the readers of [al-Suyūtī's] al-Nuqāya")
  • Kitāb Lubb al-Lubāb fī Tahrīr al-Ansāb <1840> لب الباب في تحرير الأنساب ("The kernel of kernels concerning the editorship of genealogies"), text version
  • Tazyīn al-Mamālik bi-Manāqib Sayyidinā Mālik <1907> ("The adornment of slaves with the virtues of Imām Malik")
  • Kitāb Tuhfat al-Mujālis wa Nuzhat al-Majālis <1908> ("The jewel of every fellow student and the pleasant gatherings")
  • Laqat al-Marjān fī Ahkām al-Jānn <1989> ("The gleanings of coral: rulings concerning the jinn")
  • Lubāb al-Nuqūl fī Asbāb al-Nuzūl <1981> ("The Best of Narrations Concerning the Exact Circumstances of Revelation")
  • Al-Luma' fī Khasā'isi Yawmi al-Jumu'a <1986> ("Virtues of the Day of Jumu'a")
  • Mā Rawāhu al-Asātīn fī Adam al-Majī' ilā al-Salātīn <1992> ("The Reports on Avoidance of the Courts of Rulers"); with Dhamm al-Maks ("Blame of Taxes and Tolls")
  • Manāhil al-Safā fī Takhrīj Ahādīth al-Shifā <1988> ("The Springs of Purity: Documentation of the H. adīths mentioned in Qādī Iyād's 'The Healing' ")
  • Manāqib al-Khulafā' al-Rāshidīn <1890> ("Virtues of the Well-Guided Caliphs")
  • Al-Manhaj al-Sawī wa al-Manhal al-Rawī fī al-Tibb al-Nabawī <1986> ("The Straight Path and Quenching Spring: the Prophet's Medicine")
  • Al-Maqāmāt al-Sundusiyya fī al-Nisbat al-Mustafawiyya <1916> ("The Resplendent Stations Concerning the Prophetic Lineage")
  • Al-Masābīh fī Salāt al-Tarāwīh <1955> ("The Lanterns: On the Prayer of Rests [Tarawīh]")
  • Masālik al-Hunafā' fī Wāliday al-Mustafā <1993> ("Method of Those of Pure Religion Concerning the Parents of the Prophet")
  • Al-Matāli' al-Sā'ida Sharh al-Suyūtī alā al-Alfiyya al-Musammāt bi al-Farīda fī al-Nahw wa al-Tasrīf wa al-Khatt <1981> (Suyuti's Commentary on his own thousand-line poem entitled "The Unique Pearl" on philology, conjugation, and calligraphy)
  • Matla' al-Badrayn fīman Yu'tā Ajrahu Marratayn <1991> ("The Rising of the Two Full Moons: Those Rewarded Twice [i.e. Sincere Christians who Accept Islam]")
  • Miftāh al-Janna fī al-I'tisām bil-Sunna <1993> ("The key to paradise which consists in clinging to the Sunna of the Prophet")
  • Mufhimāt al-Aqrān fī Mubhamāt al-Qur'ān <1991> ("The Elucidations of the Peers for the Obscurities of the Quran")
  • Al-Muhadhdhab fīmā Waqa'a fīl-Qur'ān min al-Mu'arrab <1988> ("The Emendation Concerning the Foreign Words and Phrases in the Qur'ān")
  • Mu'jiza ma'a Karāma fī kitāb al-Sharaf al-Muh.attam : fīmā Manna Allāhu Ta'alā bihi alā Waliyyihi Ahmad al-Rifā'ī <1965> ("The Evidentiary Miracle and Gift Concerning the Book of 'The Paramount Honor' [by al-Rifā'ī] and what Allāh has bestowed in it upon His Friend Ahmad [ibn Alī] al-Rifā'ī [d. 1182 CE]")
  • Mukhtasar Sharh al-Jāmi' al-Saghīr lil-Munāwī <1954> ("The abridged commentary of al-Suyuti's minor collection by al-Munāwī")
  • Muntahā al-Amal fī Sharh Hadīth Innamā al-Amāl <1986> ("The goal of all practice, or the commentary on the h.adīth: Actions are according to intentions")
  • Musnad Fātimat al-Zahrā radi'ya Allāhu anhā wamā Warada fī Fadliha <1994> ("Narrations Traced Back to Fātima the Radiant and Reports Concerning her Virtues")
  • Al-Mustazraf min Akhbār al-Jawārī <1989> ("The Graceful Reports Concerning Women Slaves")
  • Mutawakkilī fīmā Warada fī al-Qur'āni bi al-Lughat al-Habashiyya wa al-Fārisiyya wa al-Rūmiyya wa al-Hindiyya wa al-Siryāniyya wa al-Ibrāniyya wa al-Nabatiyya wa al-Qibtiyya wa al-Turkiyya wa al-Zanjiyya wa al-Barbariyya ("My Reliance Concerning Words
  • in the Quran in the Ethiopian, Persian, Greek, Hindi, Syriac, Hebrew, Nabatean, Coptic, Turkic, African, and Berber Tongues")
  • Nashr al-Alamayn al-Munīfayn fī Ihyā al-Abawayn al-Sharīfayn <1916> ("The Proclamation to the Two Outstanding Worlds [mankind and jinn] Concerning the Ressuscitation of the Prophet’s Parents [at his hands]")
  • Natījat al-Fikr fīl-Jahri bil-Dhikr <1950> ("The Conclusion of Reflection upon Loud Remembrance of Allāh")
  • Nazm al-Iqyān fī A'yān al-A'yān <1927> (Who's Who in the Ninth Hijri Century)
  • Al-Nukāt al-Badī'a alā al-Mawdū'āt <1991> (Suyuti's critique of Ibn al-Jawzi's Collection of Forged Narrations)
  • Nuzhat al-Julasā fī Ashhari al-Nisā' <1986> ("The Recreation of [Student] Gatherings Concerning Famous Women [Poets]")
  • Nuzhat al-Muta'ammil wa-Murshid al-Muta'ahhil fīl-Khatīb wal-Mutazawwij <1989> ("The Recreation of the Fiancé and the Guide of the Married")
  • Nuzhat al-Umr fī al-Tafdīl Bayna al-Bīd wa al-Sumr <1931> ("The Recreation of Life On Preferentialism Between the White and the Black in Complexion")
  • Nuzūl Īsā ibn Maryam Ākhir al-Zamān <1985> ("The Descent of Isa ibn Maryam at the End of Time")
  • Al-Qawl al-Jalī fī Fadā'il Alī <1990> ("The manifest discourse on the virtues of Ali ibn Abi Talib")
  • Al-Rahma fīl-Tibb wal-Hikma <1970> الرحمة في الطب و الحكمة ("Arabic medicine and wisdom")
  • Al-Rasā'il al-Ashr <1989> ("The ten epistles")
  • Ras.f al-La'āl fī Wasf al-Hilāl <1890> ("The stringing of the pearls in describing the new moon")
  • Al-Rawd al-Anīq fī Fadl al-Siddīq <1990> الروض الأنيق في فضل الصديق ("The beautiful garden of the merit of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq"), text version
  • Risālat al-Sayf al-Qāti' al-Lāmi' li Ahl al-I'tirād al-Shawā'i' <1935> ("Epistle of the sharp and glistening sword against the Shī'ī Naysayers")
  • Al-Riyād al-Anīqa fī Sharh Asmā' Khayr al-Khalīqa ("The beautiful gardens: explanation of the names of the Best of Creation")
  • Sawn al-Mantiq wal-Kalām an Fann al-Mantiq wal-Kalām <1947> ("Manual of logic and dialectic theology")
  • Shaqā'iq al-Utrunj fī Raqā'iq al-Ghunj <1988> ("The Citron Halves: or, the Daintiness of Women")
  • Sharh al-Sudūr bi Sharh Hāl al-Mawtā wa al-Qubūr <1989> ("The expanding of breasts or commentary on the state of the dead in the grave")
  • Sharh al-Urjūza al-Musammāt bi-Uqūd al-Jumān fī Ālam al-Ma'ānī wa al-Bayān <1955> ("The commentary in rajaz ['surging'] meter entitled: The pearl necklaces related to the world of meanings and precious discourse")
  • Sharh Shawāhid al-Mughnī <1904> ("Commentary on the proof-texts of Abd-Allah ibn Hishām's (d. 1360CE) Mughnī al-Labīb or 'The Sufficient Knowledge of the Sensible One' ")
  • Shurūt al-Mufassir wa Ādābuh <1994> ("The criteria to be met by commentators of Quran and their ethics")
  • Sihām al-Isāba fī al-Da'awāt al-Mustajāba <1987> ("The arrows that hit their target: About the prayers that are fulfilled")
  • Al-Subul al-Jaliyya fīl-Ābā al-Aliyya <1916> السبل الجلية في آباء العلية ("The manifest paths concerning the lofty ancestors [of the Prophet]")
  • Ta'aqqubāt al-Suyūtī alā mawdu'at Ibn al-Jawzī <1886> ("Suyūtī's critique of Ibn al-Jawzī's collection of forged narrations")
  • Tabaqāt al-Mufassirīn <1976> ("The synchronical layers of Quran commentators")
  • Tabyīd al-Sahīfa bi Manāqib al-Imām Abī Hanīfa <1992> ("The whitening of the page: or, the virtues of Imām Abu Hanifa")
  • Al-Tadhyīl wa al-Tadhnīb alā al-Nihāya fī Gharīb al-Hadīth wa al-Athar <1982> ("Marginal annotations on Ibn al-Athīr's 'The goal' ")
  • Tadrīb al-Rāwī fī Sharh Taqrīb al-Nawawī <1994> ("The training of the hadith transmitter: an exegesis of Nawawi's 'The facilitation' ")
  • Tahdhīb al-Khasāis al-Nabawiyya al-Kubrā <1989> ("The Emendation of al-Suyūtī's book entitled 'The Awesome Characteristics of the Prophet' ")
  • Tahdhīr al-Khawāss min Akādhib al-Qussās <1932> ("Warning the elite against the lies of story-tellers")
  • Takhrīj Ahādīth Sharh al-Mawāqif fī 'Ilm al-Kalām <1986> ("The documentation of the hadīths mentioned in 'The commentary of the stopping-places in dialectical theology,' a work by al-Qadi Adud al-Din Abd al-Rahmān ibn Ahmad al-Ījī al-Shīrāzī [d. 756]")
  • Tamhīd al-Farsh fī al-Khisāl al-Mūjiba li-Zilāl al-Arsh <1990> ("The characteristics that guarantee the shading of the Throne")
  • Tanbīh al-Ghabī fī Takhti'at Ibn Arabī <1990> ("Warning to the Imbecile who Imputes Error to Muhyī al-Dīn Ibn Arabī [a reply to al-Biqa'i's [Warning to the Imbecile that Ibn Arabī is a Disbeliever]")
  • Tanwīr al-Hawālik Sharh alā Muwatta Mālik <1969> ("The Enlightenment of Intense Blackness: Commentary on Malik's Muwatta"); with Is'āf al-Mubatta fī Rijāl al-Muwatta ("Rescuing those Stalled Concerning the Narrators of Malik's Muwatta")
  • Tanwīr al-Miqbās min Tafsīr ibn Abbās <1951> ("The Enlightenment of Torchlights from the Quranic Commentary of Ibn Abbas")
  • Tanzīh al-Anbiyā' an Tashbīh al-Aghbiyā' <1916> ("Clearing the Prophets from the Comparisons Ignorant People Make of Themselves with Them")
  • Taqrīr al-Istinād fī Tafsīr al-Ijtihād <1983> ("Establishing Authoritative Ascription in the Course of Scholarly Striving")
  • Al-Ta'rīf bi-Ādāb al-Ta'līf <1989> ("The Etiquette of Authorship")
  • Tārīkh al-Khulafā' <1993> ("History of the Caliphs"), published in Lahore 1886, 374 pages, published in 1332 AH, 546 pages
  • Tartīb Suwar al-Qur'ān <1986> ("The Ordering of the Sūras of the Quran")
  • Tasliyat al-Ābā' bi-Fuqdān al-Abnā' al-Musammāt al-Ta'allul wa al-It.fā' li-Nārin la Yutfa' <1987> ("The Consolation of Parents Who Have Lost Their Children, also known as: The Extinction of the Unquenchable Fire")
  • Tawq al-Hamāma <1988> ("The Flight of the Dove")
  • Ta'yīd al-Haqīqat al-Aliyya wa Tashyīd al-Tarīqa al-Shādhiliyya <1934> ("The Upholding of the Lofty Truth and the Buttressing of the Shadhili Sufi Path")
  • Al-Ta'zīm wa al-Minna fī anna Abaway Rasūlallāh fī al-Janna <1916> ("That the Prophet's Parents are in Paradise")
  • Tuhfat al-Abrār bi-Nukat al-Adhkār li al-Nawawī <1990> ("Commentary on Nawawi's 'Supplications' ")
  • Tuhfat al-'Ajlān fī Fadā'il Uthmān <1991> ("Merits of Uthman ibn Affan")
  • Tuhfat al-Nujabā' <1990> ("The gem of patricians [a work on language]")
  • 'Uqūd al-Zabarjad alā Musnad al-Imām Ah.mad <1987> ("The chrysolite necklaces on Imām Ahmad's collection of narrations traced to the Prophet")
  • 'Uqūd al-Zabarjad fī I'rāb al-H. adīth al-Nabawī <1994> ("The chrysolite necklaces on the grammatical analysis of the Prophet's narrations"), on the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal. This is the same work as in the previous entry.
  • Al-Wasā'il fī Musāmarat al-Awā'il <1986> ("The means for conversation with the ancients"); also published as al-Wasā'il ilā Ma'rifat al-Awa'il <1990> ("The means to the acquaintance of the ancients")
  • Wusūl al-Amānī bi Usūl al-Tahānī <1987> ("The attainment of one's hope in the etiquette of well-wishing")
  • Al-Zajru bil-Hijr <1950> ("The reprimand by means of the reminder of what is unlawful")
  • Zubdat al-Laban Fawā'id Lughawiyya wa H. adīthiyya <1989> ("The cream of the milk: miscellaneous benefits related to language and h.adīth")
  • Akhlāq Hamalat al-Qur'ān <1987> ("Manners of the carriers of Quran")
  • Badhl al-Himma fī Talab Barā'at al-Dhimma ("Directing one's energies to pursue clearness of conscience"); contained in the collective volume entitled: Thalāth Rasā'il fī al-Ghība <1988> ("Three epistles on slander")
  • Al-La'āli' al-Masnū'a fīl-Ahādīth al-Mawdū'a <1960> ("The Artificial Pearls or Forged Hadīths")
  • Daqāi'q al-Akhbār fī Dhikr al-Jannati wa al-Nār <1961> ("The Subtleties in the Reports that Mention Paradise and the Fire")
  • Al-Ith.āf bi-H. ubb al-Ashrāf <1900> ("The Present Concerning Love of the Descendants of the Prophet")
  • Al-Hay'atu al-Saniyya fīl-Hay'ati al-Sunniyya <1982> (Treatise on astronomy)



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