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Immersivecast is a South Korea-based company developing cloud virtual reality-based technology.

Immersivecast develops cloud virtual reality (VR)-based technology and programs to provide an immersive experience. The company offers photorealistic cloud extended reality (XR) applications and ultra-high-resolution VR glass, including advanced human-machine-interfaces, allowing gaming companies to reduce their user latency. This also enables smart factories to train employees and single users to experience the virtual world.

The provider of cloud-connected VR headsets develops wireless, virtual reality-based products that allow users to experience certain content. Its features include DoF motion ultra-low latency, photorealistic graphics, different network connections, and location-based content projection.

In December 2021, the company launched XR Metaverse Workspace. There was a demo on the 5G network slicing trial with Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, and Ericsson at MWC 2021, and Immersivecast is making plans to expand its market presence in South Korea and the United States. The XR Metaverse Workspace refers to a service environment existing at the junction of reality and VR in the cloud. Its major aim is to provide interaction amongst consumers of virtualized games, or interactive training providers.



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