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Idle Grant Program

Idle Grant Program

This program is an opportunity to contribute to the Idle ecosystem, shape the future of finance, and grow yourself and your skills in DeFi, as part of a community of passionate contributors. Regardless you are a developer or community enthusiast, everyone can become part of this ecosystem and get rewarded for the value brought in.

How it works

Work on a small or medium-size grant via Developer grants;

Treasury & Dev Leagues provide a feedback about your deliveries;

With a snapshot poll, the Governance would approve your admission into the Dev League.

League's Responsibilities

Build new Idle strategies

Deploy IIPs and contracts approved by the Governance

Perform security reviews

Provide technical feedback on community discussions and new technologies Contributors would receive their fixed salary according to the following composition: 50% in ETH/stablecoins, 50% in unlocked $IDLE

The $IDLE bonus would be accessible with a 3-month linear unlock only if the contributor continues to work in the next mandate.

Supervisors will define the final compensation package. SVs have also the right to upgrade/downgrade if it’s clear that the proposed seniority level is not matched.



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