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Human connectivity

Human connectivity

Technology and services to increase the ability of people to connect and change the way people connect through new and emerging technologies, products, and services.


Human connectivity is being defined by the ideas of artificial intelligence, big data, and algorithms across industry, entertainment, and environment. These technologies have seen the growth of virtual workspaces, remote working, new forms of streaming media, social media, and communication platforms to help connect people. This can also include connected technologies to help industries, such as agriculture, change their operations to create greater sustainability and create better return on investment through their operations.

The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms offer new ways for people to make decisions and to second question those decisions. These technologies will also change the way companies decide to engage with consumers, how the decide to design and manufacture automobiles, the way the spaces we live, work, play, and shop in, and how social media companies will develop products to help people connect.

Network connections will change as network speeds continue to improve, latency continues to drop, and the ability to connect and manipulate devices on the edge of computing environments change the way people connect to their automobiles, their personal computers, their homes, their workplaces, and the way advertisers connect with those people.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence systems are being included in almost all industries, but when it comes to human connectivity and the workplace, artificial intelligence is being used to help people be more productive, help people help other's better, and improve people's memory and writing skills.

Connectivity with artificial intelligence

Knowledge Management

Whether it is for helping individuals manage their knowledge and knowledge maps, or it is for teams to collaborate on projects and knowledge pools, knowledge management tools are helping virtual workplaces process, manage, access, and share information.

Knowledge management tools

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment has already begun to change, with the lack of ownership of hard copy media towards the digital ownership and streaming services which allow people to watch and engage with more digital media than they have time watch, media and entertainment is moving towards virtual reality, video and concert events in video games, and new ways to connect through digital entertainment.

Media and entertainment companies

Internet of Things

The uses for internet of things and connected devices are growing, including home automation products, remote health monitoring systems, self-monitoring systems, connected industrial systems, and extending to body-hacking to create connected people.

Internet of Things companies

Connected Automobiles

Part of developing autonomous vehicles includes developing connected vehicles which can communicate with each other and with other services. The future of connected automobiles includes communication systems to help with vehicle locations, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, vehicle activity, the surrounding environment, and driver's infotainment.

Connected automobile companies

Social Media

Social media has already redefined the way people have connected with each other, and they continue to develop new ways for people to engage with each other, discover new things, and create communities around shared interests.

Social media companies


Communications has begun to change, with companies moving towards messaging systems for communications, video conferencing for meetings, and augmented and virtual reality.

Communication companies

Real Estate

Technologies are emerging in the real estate market that allow people to connect with agents, see homes or apartments, and rent office space or co-working spaces without needing to leave their homes.

Real estate technology companies


Agriculture has begun to adopt connected technologies which help farmers understand the crop cycle, soil data, irrigation systems, fertilizers and their affects, and track their crops, their flocks, and their herds in a new way that can offer the farmers more time for other parts of their business.

Agriculture connections

Employee Training

Training for new and existing employees is training, with virtual systems offering more flexibility for training and offering new tools to help employees learn new techniques and technologies. These systems can also be used for helping employees learn to communicate and work together as teams better in new ways. These technologies have begun to extend to virtual classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow greater flexibility in learning for distance students.

Employee training companies


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