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Our company is one of the most famous wood manufacturers in the region for construction and repair.

Our specialization is elements of a floor and floor designs: a plinth and platbands of all possible forms and the sizes.

We also produce parquet board (solid wood) from high quality oak.

We differ from other manufacturers, first of all, in excellent quality of the used wood (oak, beech, ash-tree), and also high requirements to quality of processing and accuracy of geometry of the products made by us.

We make a plinth and platbands of practically any form and article, a profile of any complexity under any tasks.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you, and the level of service will offer to contact us again.

The quality of finishing and geometry of our plinths do not leave chances to competitors.

Production of a complete list of wood products (oak / beech / ash) for repair and construction, namely for the floor: plinth, parquet board, engineering and solid parquet board, trim and other related products. We offer services: laying of a parquet board, finishing of a parquet board.


The company was established in 2005 . The first products at the plant were made to order by one of the divisions of the IKEA International Group , they were glued furniture parts that required high precision production.

Having gained good experience, we started the production of finished products, namely plinths of various configurations , and later launched a line for the production of solid wood flooring , and later two-layer board .

With the beginning of the production of finished products there was a question of purchasing quality raw materials, namely technologically correct dried wood, which prompted us to purchase a "smart" drying chamber , which works on production waste. It also partially removed the problem of accumulation and storage of the same waste. Today the company has two such cameras .

With the growth of material and technical base and stability of production in 2011, the company managed to enter the markets of other countries . We realized that we had to offer our consumers a finished product. After all, the end user can not always assess the quality of the product due to the fact that decorative or protective coatings, not always applied by qualified professionals, spoiled the routine and diligent work. At the same time, we did not want to produce a mass product and limit the consumer in colors or additional finishes, such as brushing (aging boards), patina (emphasizing the structure of wood) and others.

In terms of production, we have remained flexible enough to provide any tastes or preferences of our customers. From the beginning, the coating was applied with pneumatic paint guns, which was not very economical and not environmentally friendly, as about 50% of the material simply flew into the air, and the costs fell on the shoulders of the same end user. The solution was hydrodynamic application , which saved about 30-40% of the material and reduced emissions.

The question of the influence of the human factor on production remains. So at the beginning of 2017, a mechanical line for applying waxes and oils and an automatic line for varnishing were purchased . So today our client has the opportunity to buy a product from a Ukrainian manufacturer that will compete on equal terms with the best foreign counterparts, while the price leaves them out of competition…



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