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Economy of the Russian Empire Industrial Revolution

In the 1890s Railway construction continues to grow, and with it industry (an average of 7.6% per year), moreover, not only because of the demand for raw materials for the needs of construction, but due to increasing exports. In the period from 1906 to 1914, industry grew by an average of 6% a year. In general, for the period 1887-1913. industrial production in Russia increased by 4.6 times, the country takes 4-5 places in the world in terms of the absolute size of the extraction of iron ore, coal and steel smelting.The share in world industrial production was 2.6% in 1913.[66] In terms of total industrial production, it ranks 5th-6th in the world.

With the beginning of the exploitation of the Baku region, Russia in 1900 came out on top in oil production. After the end of the crisis of 1899, industrial production increased by 1.5 times in 1909-1913, with heavy industry - 174%, light industry - 137%.

In 1912, the national income per capita in Russia was 110 rubles. in gold, in Germany - 300 rubles, England - 500, USA - 720 . In 1913, industry grows, but the country remains a peasant one (in cities 16% of the population, the number of proletarians is almost 4.2 million people, when in Germany the population of the city is 43.7%, in England - 51.5%).

The economic crisis (1900-1903) interrupted the growth of Russia, closed 3 thousand factories and plants, increased the concentration of production, contributed to the formation of large syndicates (Prodamet, Prodparovoz, Prodvagon), and strengthened the position of foreign capital (mainly French). The industry grew due to monopolization; according to this indicator, Russia overtakes Germany and the USA.

Right-wing conservative circles express dissatisfaction with the state of the empire. The development of factories, according to conservatives, leads to the curtailment of handicraft production, which is no worse. The predominance of grain exports satisfied them, the goal was declared "to keep the entire grain trade in Europe in hand and make Europe completely dependent on our grain wealth."


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