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Join the revolution:The first decentralised social platform based on blockchain for Creators and Fans :deflationary token $HAPPY

Happy Fans is a platform for content creators of all types such as gamers, musicians, adult stars. This platform solves the problem of major online payments not supporting certain types of content creation as well as not having instant payments. There will also be an NFT marketplace for each creator. The dashboard will be fully customizable as well as providing a novel login system that renders creators and users anonymous through NFTs. Happy Fans currency will be $HAPPY that will provide a discount on fees while using the platform. $HAPPY will launch on October 10th, 2021.

Happyfans is the first blockchain-based social network that intercepts all three of these cash flows (crypto, creators platform and NFT marketplace) and catalyzes them through its native $HAPPY token.

Privacy is very important for HappyFans, for this reason we will allow innovative login via NFT, without having to leave your data on the platform (Mail, Password).

HappyFans provides a rewards system for token holders, with constant redistribution of the platform fees.

The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain allows a strong privacy and eliminates already-existing payment problems in the portals for both content creators and users.

The platform, through an intuitive and user-friendly layout, primarily identifies two figures:

● CONTENT CREATOR: those who want to monetize through the platform via (for example) auction or direct sell of unique NFTs, through the creation of exclusive subscription content for their followers and through direct donations from them.

There is also the possibility to create private paid channels and unlocking exclusive content only when certain objectives are achieved. Finally, there is the possibility of putting one’s own content up for auction.

● USERS: those who want to have the opportunity to buy unique collectible NFTs from their favorite artist or influencer and be able to forge a closer relationship with them, thanks to VIP channels and exclusive content.


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