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Play2Earn Fantasy Gladiator game on Binance Smart Chain #BNB #GLD

Gladian is a Multiplayer Play to Earn NFT game, in which players can earn GLD on everything! GLD affects many things in the game. They will be able to stake tokens to craft, earn GLD from the quests, buy more powerful items from the market and duel among themselves.

*Token be used as utility for ingame player activities: -Buy/Sell Items and Gladiators -Staking for decrease Crafting, Training and Quests times. -Bet for PvP Battles -Joining Tournaments

*Token be used as rewards for ingame *Token be used as reward for DeFi (LP Staking, lending/borrowing, NFT Collateral, etc.)

How can players earn tokens in the game?

You can earn tokens with many methods in the game. You can check the methods and their explanations below;

Crafting: There will be a crafting feature in the game. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to produce in-game weapons and shields. If you are lucky enough, you can produce legendary and very powerful items. You will need “Iron” to be able to use the Crafting menu. The amount of iron is directly proportional to the quality of an item you can produce. You can use the items you produce in quests to earn more GLD and Iron, or you can sell them in the user market.

Quest: Quests are a pretty good method to earn GLD. You have to defeat the NPCs you encounter in the quests by fighting them. If you can defeat the NPC, you will gain GLD at the end of the quest. There will also be a chance to drop items. Your chances will increase in direct proportion to how many quests you do. Free luck!

PvP Duels: The easiest and also the riskiest way to earn GLD because if you are defeated in battle, you can lose GLD. You can increase the amount of GLD you earn by betting on your gladiator. But remember, battlefields are dangerous and there is a slight chance that you may lose your gladiator permanently in the arena.

As a Merchant: The Gladian world is never fixed and always tends to change. An item you buy at a very low price may one day reach very high prices. Never lose hope and follow the trend and enjoy your Gladian World!

Gladian launched its launchpad on 16/04/2022 with 100,000,000 token supply. Initially 5% of team tokens were burned. 25% of the total supply is reserved for pre-sale, 15% for DEX-CEX listing, 15% for team (33.33% burned), 10% for foundation and 10% for marketing and finally %25 for User rewards.


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