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Game of Laughs

Game of Laughs

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What Is Game of Laughs (GOL)?

Game of Laughs is the biggest Game of Thrones fan page on Facebook and now it is launching a Meme to Earn platform where users will earn money to create memes and even to react to the memes.

Users can post memes on our Meme to Earn platform and they get rewarded based on the quality of memes they are posting. Everytime a user likes a meme, the Meme creator is rewarded tokens and at the same time, even the user is rewarded tokens for engaging with the content.

How Many GOL Coins Are There in Circulation?

Game of Laughs crypto project launched on 29th Nov, 2021 with 10 billion GOL tokens created at genesis. 25% of the tokens are allocated for the Meme to Earn Rewards wallet and only 5% of those tokens will be released at TGE, with rest of them getting unlocked in phases. Team wallet has been allocated 10% of the total tokens, with only %5 getting unlocked at TGE and rest being locked according to the vesting cycle. Marketing has a 15% allocation, with 5% tokens being released at TGE and rest are locked according to vesting cycle. Liquidity has 20% allocation and the tokens will be fully locked. For our IDO, we will be allocating 30% tokens, with 15% being unlocked at TGE and rest will be locked according to the vesting cycle.

Based on these calculations, the total circulating tokens at TGE will be: 700,000,000

Who Are the Founders of Game of Laughs?

Game of Laughs crypto project is being launched by Rahul Jadhav, who has been building the Game of Laughs community on social media since 2013. Game of Laughs is the largest Game of Thrones community on Facebook and it is usually ranked among the top 1000 pages on Facebook for the page engagement according to Social Media analytics site, Social Blade.

Rahul Jadhav has also launched a Game of Thrones site called Wiki of Thrones, which is one of the most read Game of Thrones news site in the world.

Where Can I Buy Game of Laughs tokens (GOL)?

Game of Laughs tokens will be available for trading on Pancake Swap.


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