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Francisco Faraco

Francisco Faraco

Francisco J. Faraco is CEO & Founder of Faraco Partners, LLC, in New York City.

Francisco J. Faraco is CEO & Founder of Faraco Partners, LLC, which is incorporated to do business in the State of New York. The firm provides Wealth Management Services to Individuals, Families and Corporations Globally.

Prior to starting his own firm, Francisco was an Executive Director and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley in New York. He spent 6 years as an Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, offering Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management and Trading Execution Services. He previously worked as a Vice President/Portfolio Advisor at Banco Santander, Financial Analyst at Merrill Lynch and Associate Director at Safra National Bank of New York. Francisco began his career as a Prop Trader at Eurobanco in Venezuela, overseeing all Local-currency and US Dollar Funding, Repo Trading, Short-dated Interest Rates Businesses and Emerging Markets Dollar-denominated Bond Trading.



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March 29, 2019

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