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FC Vorskla Poltava

FC Vorskla Poltava

Professional association football club based in poltava, ukraine

FC Vorskla Poltava is a Ukrainian professional football club based in Poltava that competes in the Ukrainian Premier League.

1955-1967. Birth of the team. Years of formation.

In the middle of 50-ies of the last century in Poltava on the initiative of the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine Mikhail Stachursky was created a football team, which defended the colors of the SDO "Kolgospnik". The young team started their performances in official matches in 1955 within the championship of Ukraine among the teams of physical culture, and in the next year "Kolgospnik" will win its first trophy - the Cup of the Ukrainian SSR . In 1957, the poltavtsy get the status of the team of masters and gain the right to speak in the class "B" of the Union championship, where they spent 11 seasons. In 1965 the team changed its name for the first time and became a "colossus".

1968-1982. Blossom. Sunset. Collapse.

In the season - 68 Poltava started in the second group of class "A" under the new name - "Silbud". But next year the unusual name changed to "Budivelnik". After the reorganization of the football industry in the USSR in 1971, the Poltava were forced to go to the second league, where without loud successes were the next 12 seasons. In 1982 "Kolos" took the last place in the Ukrainian zone of the second league, and after the end of the season it was disformed.

1984-1991. Revival.

At the beginning of 1984, the main team of the region "reanimation", however, already under the new name - "Vorskla". The team started its way up again, as in the past, from the championship of the Republic among the teams of physical culture and for three seasons reached again to the second league of the Union championship. In 1988 Vorskla finished second - Poltava did not have enough at all a little to beat "Bukovyna" and ask for happiness in the fight for a ticket to the first division.


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