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Enchantress (DC Comics)

Enchantress (DC Comics)

The Enchantress is a supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

In the DC Universe, the Enchantress, whose real name is June Moone, is a freelance artist and powerful sorceress typically depicted as an antihero and hero on account of the Enchantress persona, coming into fruition from the possession between June the magical being that once called herself The Succubus. One of the world's most dangerous magic users, she struggles to contain the dark personality and intentions of her Enchantress persona. She is a member of several groups such as the Suicide Squad and, as a hero, a member of Shadowpact and the Sentinels of Magic. In more recent continuities, the Enchantress is instead an interdimensional witch possessing the human June Moone and is considered a separate entity from June although the two share the same body. This version of the character is cast as a member of Justice League Dark as June Moone while both June and Enchantress would serve as a re-occurring member of the Suicide Squad, appearing in a new incarnation of the team in the fifth volume of the comic series as well as appearing as a member of its paranormal counterpart.



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