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Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley

American actress


American film actress.

Born July 28, 1972 in Farmington Hills (Michigan, USA), in the family of a lawyer.

From childhood she studied dance and choreography, with some success. After graduating from North Farmington High School went to New York City, where she danced in Swan Lake Ballet and played in musicals.

She began starring in television series in 1987. Became a series star, playing the role of Jesse Spano in the soap opera Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1993-2000).

She made her film debut in the Canadian short film Platinum Blonde (1988, directed by Dror Soref). Her first feature film role was in the film "Molly and Gina" (1994).

Elizabeth Berkley rose to fame after playing the role of Nomi Malone in Paul Verhoeven's erotic drama "Showgirls" (1995). The film was a success with the public, had a good box office, however, was defeated by critics. Under the crack and got Elizabeth Berkley, although her dramatic talent, flexibility and plasticity are not in doubt. Revealed eroticism of the film, a parody of kitsch caused irritation among part of the puritanical public in the United States. The film and the lead actress won seven "Razzie Award's" (Golden Raspberry). Along with fame film "Showgirls" greatly damaged the reputation of Elizabeth Berkley as an actress.

Berkeley did not give up, continued to play major roles in low-budget cinema. acting successes were the roles of Fobah Lavelle in "The First Wives Club" (1996, NBR Award), Mandy Murphy in the film "Every Sunday" (1999).

In Woody Allen's "Curse of the Jade Scorpion" (2001), she played the role of Jill.

Elizabeth Berkley has worked extensively in theaters in London, Broadway and Off-Broadway. In 2005, after her role in the musical Lenny, New York theater critics raved about Berkeley's talent as a theater actress. One prominent critic, who spoke harshly of her role in Showgirls, asked for an apology for misjudging her acting talent.

On November 1, 2003, Elizabeth married actor Greg Lauren.


July 28, 1972
Elizabeth Berkley was born in Farmington Hills.


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