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Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell


Dominic was born in England to a Norwegian father and an Irish mother.

At the age of two, Dominic and his family moved from England to the Bondi area of ​​Sydney and then moved to the western suburbs. After trying his hand at landscape gardening, he decided to become an actor while watching the war film Platoon. Because he was from a working-class background, acting seemed like an unlikely career choice, so he only pursued it after a while. He studied at the Australian Theater for Youth before attending the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts where he met his future wife Rebecca and studied with Hugh Jackman. In 1997, Dominic landed a role on Raw FM and then landed a role in Mission: Impossible 2 , which was filmed in Australia. He became a TV star. He won the Green Card Lottery in 2000 and now lives in Los Angeles with his family. He has been spotted as a talent scout in the US and has been constantly working on roles in Equilibrium , the TV show John Doe , Blade 3: Trinity and the upcoming thriller " Triple setup ". and the new police TV drama Strut.


February 17, 1970
Dominic Purcell was born in Wallasey.


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