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Derek Yoo

Derek Yoo

CEO @purestakeco, working on @MoonbeamNetwork and @MoonriverNW, helping developers build native multi-chain applications.

Derek is co-founder of Thinking Phone Networks and responsible for the strategic vision, development, execution, and ongoing operation of Thinking Phone Networks’ innovative cloud communications ecosystem.

Previously, Derek served as product manager at BladeLogic, the industry-leading provider of enterprise data center automation and serverconfiguration management software. At BladeLogic, Derek drove initial conception and specification, development, release, and widespread adoption of BladeLogic’s entire portfolio of enterprise systems management products. Key capabilities of the market-leading BladeLogic Operations Manager platform included a bare metal OS provisioning system, an application provisioning and software distribution system, a server configuration management system, an ad-hoc systems administration platform, and an enterprise reporting system.

Prior to BladeLogic, Derek was development and operations manager with WebYes, and later Breakaway Solutions, where he managed hosted applications deployed across 11 data centers on four continents.

Derek holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.


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