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Intelligent algorithms empower efficient automated market making with zero price slippage, minimized liquidity risks and optimized capital efficiency.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based platforms, the global financial

landscape is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, with daily breakthrough innovations.

As a result, interest is shifting from traditional centralized financial products to ones that offer

more control and flexibility without relying on intermediaries to dictate the rules imposed by

such centralized exchanges.

DeltaFi is pushing this space forward with our novel design and technologies, ushering in a new

era of decentralized exchanges. We are building the world’s most efficient automated market

maker (AMM) on Solana and innovating the space with intelligent AMM design.

To build a well-designed AMM, we first explore the mainstream decentralized exchange designs

and their shortcomings: AMM and Order Book.

Current AMMs are mainly forks of the Constant Product Curve pioneered by Uniswap V2 and

stableswap by Curve Finance. The Constant Product Curve builds inefficient markets and suffers

from divergent loss, price slippage, and capital efficiency issues. To mitigate these problems,

stableswap supports swaps between stable coins but does not offer such functionalities between

any tokens. Professional market makers cannot participate in either Uniswap V2 or stableswap.

Unsiwap V3 offers a concentrated liquidity design in which professional market makers do not

get the flexibility needed for efficient market making. In particular, market makers can only

adjust the price ranges without differentiating order directions. Important trade information such

as order imbalance signals is missing as well.

Order Book decentralized exchanges like Serum provide optimal user experience to traders and

professional market makers. However, unlike AMMs, Order Book design does not offer liquidity

provision functionality, a critical feature for yield farming.

Our vision is to provide the optimal user experience for traders, liquidity providers, and market

makers. Four essential design and technology innovations make it possible:

• Intelligent market making

• Bounded liquidity risk

• Personalized pools

• Cross-chain functionality

Solana is the ideal chain to build an intelligent AMM. In addition to Solana’s lightning speed,

their community is thriving, with new project developments occurring daily. Furthermore,

DeltaFi notably leverages innovations with institution-grade reliability such as real-time oracle

prices and cross-chain bridges.

We build on Solana with the belief that DeltaFi will become the liquidity hub in the multi-chain



February 6, 2022

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