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David Beckham

David Beckham

English footballer


David Beckham is a former professional footballer of English descent. Playing role - midfielder. Throughout his professional biography, he has replaced a number of top football clubs and after completing his career did not stay away from the world of sports.

Childhood and youth

David Beckham was born in Leytonstone, England, on May 2, 1975. The zodiac sign Taurus became the patron symbol of the future athlete.

David Beckham as a child with his father

David was the third child in the family, he has older sisters Lynn and Joan. After the appearance of the long-awaited son, Ted Beckham paid all his attention only to him, dreaming of making David a great athlete. His father started coaching David as a child when he was only 2 years old.


David began his first steps in sports with the London club "Layton", where he played for two years. After that, the budding young athlete entered the Tottenham Football school, which he successfully graduated from.

David was 11 years old when he was noticed by representatives of the famous Manchester United club. The talented teenager was invited to the exams, which he successfully passed and was accepted into the youth team of the club. In 1992, the Manchester United youth team won the FA Cup. All critics noted that Beckham's amazing performance helped win the award. In 1993, the young man signed a professional contract with the most famous British club and became a member of the main team.

However, David decided that football alone was not enough for him. Beckham was helped in this by his father, who converted his athletic talent into money. At the age of 20, the young man signed contracts with Pepsi and Adidas giants, becoming the face of these brands.

In 1998, David turned into a real national hero thanks to a goal scored against Colombia at the World Cup. But luck at this World Cup was changeable to the athlete, and he was accused of "killing football" when he received a red card in a match with Argentina. Many scolded Beckham for the fact that Manchester United lost the championship.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in their youth

In 2000, the footballer was appointed captain of the England national team. And in 2002, the midfielder got into trouble with the head coach of Manchester United, which became public, and the case almost ended in a fight.

In 2002, Beckham was sold to Real Madrid for a "ridiculous" sum of €35 million. The career of a football player was steadily going up, as part of the Spanish club, David became the champion of Spain (2006-2007), the owner of the Super Cup of the country (2003).

The number 23 assigned to the athlete became a legend. Real Madrid has sold a huge number of club T-shirts with his number.

In 2004, Beckham was thinking about moving to Chelsea or Arsenal football clubs. The transfer amount in this case was supposed to be € 200 million, and Roman Abramovich, who acquired the club from West London, could afford it. In the fight for the football player, Chelsea was ready to offer the necessary amount, negotiations with the athlete's managers ended in a positive way. But Real Madrid could not so easily give up the best player, the Spaniards managed to persuade David to continue cooperation.

David Beckham: "I couldn't watch Manchester United for two years after leaving. I was that gutted."

In 2007, due to a scandal with the management of Real Madrid, Beckham moved to play in the little-known American club Los Angeles Galaxy, signing a contract with him for 5 years. The player's transition provoked an unprecedented surge of interest in football among local residents. It was assumed that the salary of the Englishman would be $ 250 million, but, according to rumors, David received $ 27.5 million.

In 2009, Beckham moved on loan to the Italian "Milan". The debut in this team was successful — 2 goals in 4 matches. Immediately, rumors began to spread in the press about the final transfer of the Englishman to Milan. David missed most of the season at Galaxy. It is for this reason that California fans have dramatically changed their attitude towards the football player. Offensive posters flashed at stadiums. The book of teammate Landon Donovan "The Beckham Experiment" added fuel to the fire, in which the athlete did not stint on harsh criticism of the famous Englishman.

The 2011/2012 season was Beckham's "renaissance". It was then that several clubs joined the fight for the football player at once. On December 1, 2012, the footballer played his last match for Galaxy.

On January 31, 2013, Beckham signed a 5-month contract with PSG. As part of the Parisians, David became the champion of France. This victory made the athlete a unique football player, who managed to become the champion of four countries during his career - England, Spain, the USA and France. The best moments of Beckham's game and his free kicks from all matches were collected by fans in video collections, which are still popular on the Internet today.

Beckham was also among the players who represented the colors of the England national team at international competitions. In the English national team, the footballer was recognized as the record holder for the number of matches played among field players.

With his precise free kicks, Beckham saved teams from defeats more than once. The best goals were scored in the matches "Manchester United— - "Barcelona" (1998); "Manchester United— - "Real Madrid" (2003); "Milan" - "Genoa" (2008). David set records not only in sports terms: he was recognized as the highest-paid football player in the world in 2011.

David Beckham with his family

In 2013, the soccer player ended his career. He commented on his departure from big sports:

"I am grateful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to play more, but I feel that now is the time to end my career while I am playing at a high level."

In 2018, David was awarded a special prize from the President of UEFA for his contribution to the development of football. Also at the end of the summer, the ex-athlete had the opportunity to personally represent the Invictus Games competition for former military personnel who received a disability in the service. Beckham went to Australia for the event together with the founder of the sports tournament, Prince Harry.

The popular athlete is also famous among people who are not fond of sports, thanks to memes, jokes and aphorisms that are associated with the name of Beckham. These phrases were usually originally uttered by commentators during a football player's game, and then they were quoted online. For example, the phrase "Today is not Beckham's day" has become firmly embedded in network and urban folklore and denotes a series of sudden failures in the person applying this description.

Business and advertising

In 2005, David Beckham began producing toilet water under the David Beckham brand. The first fragrance was developed by perfumers Alon Astori and Beatrice Pique. The debut perfume was called David Beckham Instinct and was intended for men of any age. The first batch of goods was instantly sold out — the star name played a role.

In 2007, the company began to produce both men's and women's fragrances. Since that time, eponymous perfumes with the notes "For him" and "For her" have been published annually. In an interview, the footballer admitted that all his own released versions of the perfume are equivalent for him. According to Beckham, the brand is not trying to overshadow the previous ones, but simply creates something new.

In the year of the end of his sports career, David Beckham starred in an advertisement for underwear brand H&M. The commercial was directed by Guy Ritchie. Also, the footballer continued to appear for glossy publications as a model, his parameters allow him to compete with professionals in this field. The athlete himself demonstrates excellent taste and impeccable sense of style, so over time another one was added to his title of sir — ambassador and honorary president of the British Fashion Council.

Perfume ads by David Beckham

In 2015, Beckham starred in an advertisement for the mobile operator Sprint. According to the plot of the advertisement, David goes into mobile phone shops all over London to find a suitable tariff. Salon clients see a celebrity and go after him. At the end of the video, the crowd reaches the Sprint salon, where the football player chooses a tariff and enters into a contract.

In 2014, the documentary "David Beckham: A Journey into the Unknown" was released, which tells about the life of a football superstar after his career. In the center of the plot of the picture is a motorcycle trip that David went on with three friends.

In 2015, Beckham first appeared in a feature film. The former football player performed a cameo in the comedy thriller "Agents of A.N.K.L." by British film director Guy Ritchie, with whom David has already starred in promotional videos.

Charity is not the last place in the life of a former athlete. Since 2005, the footballer has been a goodwill ambassador of the International Fund for UNICEF, and 10 years later he became the founder of the organization "7", whose goal is to help children with diseases requiring expensive treatment. David chose the name in honor of the number with which he played in the Manchester United club team.

In 2017, Beckham received his first acting role. Guy Ritchie invited the footballer to the new film again. David played a cameo role of Knight Trigger in the adventure fantasy "The Sword of King Arthur".

In the same year, David again starred for an H&M commercial. Beckham and Kevin Hart advertised the brand's clothes in sports and casual styles. The video was built in the form of a backstage photo shoot and allegedly showed the daily life of a football player.

Also, 2017 was marked by the fact that David, together with Adidas Football, presented a new collection of boots. The line includes an updated version of the Predator Accelerator. The footballer was directly involved in the development of the concept and design of shoes.

In June 2020, David Beckham became a co-owner of the Guild esports club.

David Beckham with his sister

The first team of the club performed in the fall in such esports disciplines as Rocket League, FIFA and Fortnite.

In October, David and Victoria signed a contract with Netflix for €16 million. The British family will provide archival videos that will be included in the series about the career of a football player, his achievements and personal life. Part of the picture will be shot in the format of a reality show: the couple will be followed by cameramen with cameras to record their actions. The second part will consist of archival videos and interviews with Beckham's comrades, including Cristiano Ronaldo. The premiere of the film is scheduled for 2022.

Personal life

Nothing is known about David's romantic relationships in his youth. But the footballer managed to become famous as an ideal family man. The athlete's personal life has been associated with the name of Victoria Beckham for many years. David was already a famous player and an enviable fiance when his love story with Victoria Adams, the star of the Spice Girls, began. In 1999, the lovers officially registered their marriage. The union of two popular personalities led to the fact that the couple became one of the most famous British unions. Victoria gave birth to four children to David: sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham, as well as a long-awaited daughter Harper Beckham.

David Beckham got a tattoo with the names of the children. There is also a portrait of his wife on the athlete's shoulder, and the word Love and a swallow are stuffed on his left hand. In total, David's body is decorated with 17 tattoos. Because of this, during his football career, Beckham often played in a long-sleeve uniform.

In 2006, it became known that the footballer had cheated on his wife with his assistant Rebecca Luz, who accompanied him on a trip to Spain. The Briton publicly tried to refute these rumors, but in vain. The mistress realized that she had become unnecessary, and gave a series of candid interviews for Sky TV for a decent reward.


David Beckham retires. He announced plans to retire at age 38
Wins game. Wins second MLS cup in final performance for Galaxy, then joins Paris St-Germain on a short contract
AC Milan. Goes on loan to AC Milan
LA Galaxy. He signs a five year, $250 million contract with L.A. Galaxy
Wins first title with Real, then joins LA Galaxy
World Cup. Gives up his captaincy after another failed World Cup
Soccer school. Beckham opens his own soccer school
David Beckham great player. David Beckham was named one of the top 125 greatest living soccer players. Also he was worlds highest paid soccer player
Real Madrid. Signs a four year contract with Real Madrid of Spain worth $41 million
World Cup. Plays in second World Cup

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