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DataIntel is an Indore-based big data company.

Collect. Analyze. Visualize.

In addition, think of all the web searches conducted (about 3.5 billion a day for Google alone), all the sensor data gathered, all the credit card transactions, all the mobile phone location data, etc. such gigantic ocean of data residing around the world with insights that yet to be fathomed at its full depths. DataIntel™’s objective is to churn this data, achieve finesse & bring out insights for the businesses and people.

The competitive edge demonstrated by organizations embracing data-driven decision making, big data and analytics has become a top agenda item for a growing number of Business Executives.

Financial services firms, telecommunications companies, healthcare providers, and others have the opportunity to unlock the value of big data to accelerate innovation, increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and improve compliance.

Managers in many organizations believe they have what it takes to harness the power of big data for improving data-driven decision making; yet many are missing the competency or maturity to address the technology, staffing, process, and data requirements involved. Indeed, changing the behavior of customers, employees, or connected devices by providing them with useful information at the moment they are making a decision or taking an action requires a complex orchestration of real-time data ingestion, continuously tuned algorithms, and high-performance application transactions — all of which challenge traditional data architectures.



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