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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the way that people all over the world think about money faster than any previous financial revolution. Banks, which have monopolized the way we've accessed...

Solving old financial system frauds with blockchain technology. Allowing anyone to participate in this financial revolution.

DeFiAI is a decentralized, multi-strategy, and high-return intelligent aggregator for DEFI2.0. Intelligently complete DEFI mining, capture high-yield mining from time to time, and automatically complete compound interest, generating ultra-high profits. DeFiAI belongs to DEFI 2.0. It is a community-driven agreement, automates portfolio managers, liquidity providers and price sensors. It supports the decentralized trading, and the automated portfolio management of the tokens on the Bsc blockchain and other EVM compatible system.

The DEFIAI stable asset gathering reasonable financial

platform perfectly solves the existing risk problems of DeFi. It

uses AI intelligent system screening, an aggregation pool that

has been reviewed and approved by security audit institutions,

and effectively combines AI intelligence with a strict risk

control mechanism to ensure the safety of users' funds to the

greatest extent possible .

DEFIAI's wealth password is closely related to the development

of AI .

In the DeFi era, people are Liquidity mining.According to the

level of real-time mining income, AI switches funds to

higher-yield DeFi projects for liquid mining, and provides

investors with higher mining income. In essence, it is a way to

achieve the best through intelligent scheduling. A strategic

mining pool with excellent returns.

Main advantages of DEFI

One-click mining

Allocation of funds to the preferred DEFI protocol, screening of high-yield and high-liquidity protocols, participating in liquidity mining, and novice users can easily get started

Low handling fee

Switch between different protocols and mining pools to screen for the highest profit. The gas fee for invoking these contracts is centrally operated by AI, and users share the gas fee together, effectively reducing costs

Ultra high liquidity

Store and take anytime, flexible and convenient

Automatic reinvestment

DEFIAI puts the income earned by the stable strategy pool into the high-yield compound interest strategy pool, and automatically compound interest in each high-yield pool, and then automatically transfers the income to the stable strategy pool every week, continuously compounding arbitrage, and continuing to ensure the safety of users’ funds. Get income


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