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Coinlist Karma

Coinlist Karma

Karma is CoinList’s points system that earns you rewards - including access to the Priority Queue for token sales - for doing good for crypto

Karma is a point system that recognizes your contribution to token networks on CoinList through value-add activities (such as staking, lending, voting on governance proposals, and trading). The greater your contribution to token networks on CoinList, the more Karma you earn. At this time, Karma helps you qualify for the Priority Queue for token sales. The Priority Queue is an invite-only queue for token sales that is significantly shorter than the main token sale queue and runs in parallel to the main queue. We’ll be adding more Karma rewards in the coming months.

How can I check my Karma score?

Logged-in CoinList users can find their score on the Karma page, linked from your dashboard.

What can I do with Karma?

We plan to introduce a variety of rewards soon, but for now users can track their status on the Karma page, and eligible users with a high level of Karma can earn access to the Priority Queue on CoinList.


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