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Bicycle company founded by professional cycler Cino Cinelli

Cinelli was founded in 1947 by Cino Cinelli, a former professional racer and winner of the 1943 Milan-San Remo. Although not an engineer, Cino was a dogged perfectionist, and in just 20 years his company became a leader in the production of racing handlebars and stems. Cino invented the first saddle with a plastic hull, the Unicanitor, and built the legendary Supercorsa frame, a true cult object of the period (still produced today).

In 1979 Cino sold his business to the young industrialist Antonio Colombo (already president of the Columbus bicycle tubing manufacturer). In Cinelli's products Colombo saw the technical perfection of the most efficient and elegant means of transport ever created. His goal became that of communicating this utopian perfection to the general public. Design was his tool. Over the next 30 years Colombo made Cinelli products contemporary, bold and playful, combining for the first time in history competition, design and lifestyle, developing innovative products such as the Rampichino, the first European mountain bike, the unforgettable Laser family, Alter, Integralter, Grammo, Passatore, and many others.

Fusing Design and Performance, in the second half of the 2000s Cinelli started the New Cycling movement, based on creative, nonconformist and countercultural values, thanks to the fixed gear. All values that are well present in the DNA of Antonio Colombo and Cinelli.


Cinelli was born in Milan.


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