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A blockchain-based monster hunting RPG game running on Ethereum.

Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer online RPG where you catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters and abilities to create your own style of play. No game subscription required. Explore the vast lands of Ancora together with your friends on Steam, iOS and Android!

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new and exhilarating cross-platform multiplayer online game where you catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience. The game has been in development for over 3 years now and mixes a great traditional game experience with exciting features made possible through the integration with Flow blockchain. Outfits, items, monsters and many other in-game special objects are all NFTs owned and controlled by the users.

Save the date

Join our Kickstarter campaign on Oct 20th 10am PST / 7pm CET for a chance to reserve super rare NFTs and exclusive items, including opportunities to catch the first ever minted edition of each Chainmon (monster) in the game (e.g. serial number #1).

Why Flow?

Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. The core design tenets guiding Flow are consumer-centric and developer-friendly principles that made this highly scalable blockchain network the go-to ecosystem for big global brands like NBA, UFC, Ubisoft, Dr. Seuss and Warner Music Group.

We have been working with the Flow ecosystem as part of the Flow Alpha program very closely for almost a year now. The consumer-centric design offered by Flow allows us to build seamless onboarding experiences that will enable Chainmonsters to penetrate the mass market more easily, compared to other crypto games released to date.

When a user launches our game, they can start playing immediately, without needing any knowledge about blockchain. They have an anonymous Flow account created in the background and once they decide to continue playing and take full responsibility for their earned digital assets, they can claim full control of their account seamlessly. That is easily accomplished, without overengineering, thanks to the multisig support Flow offers by default. It has always been important to us finding the right balance between ease of access, highly engaging gameplay and decentralized digital assets ownership

How serious are we?

Our team has spent over 3 years building and designing every detail of this game. To date, we have already shipped around 70% of our full roadmap game mechanics, created long-term partnerships and designed our vision of how a true player-driven economy should look like on a massive scale. We are not the typical Kickstarter project that is just launching right now, instead we are ready to release the Alpha version without delay. Chainmonsters will be one of the first blockchain enabled cross-platform massive multiplayer game to reach mainstream adoption.


December 17, 2021
Chainmonsters Closed Beta has launched!

The Chainmonsters Closed Beta has launched on Windows and MacOS! Learn more about all exciting new features and how to give it a try!


All progression made in Closed Beta will stay with you forever! Meaning if you capture any Chainmons and train them you will keep their progress and any coins or resources found in the game forever.

Leveling your Chainmons

Catch the first 10 Chainmons in the game and level them up through battles and/or through Candies! There are chests spread across the map including them or buy them from other players through the marketplace!

Season Pass

Complete daily tasks and commisions to earn Season Pass EXP and unlock additional resources, cosmetics and NFTs!

Redeem NFTs into the game

Some NFTs from e.g. Alpha can be redeemed for consumables in-game! Trade them with other players or use for yourself.

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