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Cardinal Cryptography

Cardinal Cryptography

Cardinal Cryptography is a European consultancy firm developing blockchain, fintech, Web3, and cryptography products.

Agile software developers, product designers, and marketers specialized in building blockchain, Web3, and metaverse systems on top of the Aleph Zero network. We provide cryptography, blockchain, data science, web applications, and machine learning solutions.

We’re the core developer of the Aleph Zero technology. It’s a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed, privacy-enhancing platform built on our original consensus protocol and the Parity Substrate stack. We’re also recipients of a Web3 Foundation grant.

Cardinal Cryptography works with daring partners on custom implementations of the Aleph Zero network and building products on top of it. We believe we have what it takes to assist you given our prior experience

We can help you to maintain your current project or build a new one from scratch. We combine Agile execution with academic precision.

From the idea, through research, to development and product launch.

Cardinal Cryptography is an end-to-end partner for disruptive industries. We’re a boutique deep-tech consultancy company.


Further Resources


Cardinal Cryptography Completes its First Milestone as Member of the Parity Substrate Builders Program


November 30, 2021

Cardinal Cryptography Named "Startup of the Year" by the Krakow Technological Park


October 1, 2021

Maciej Żelaszczyk and Piotr Moczurad Join the Team to Work on Aleph Zero


January 3, 2022

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