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COUP Mobility

COUP Mobility

COUP Mobility is a company offering an eScooter sharing service.

COUP Mobility is a company offering an eScooter sharing service that is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2016. COUP Mobility is owned and operated by Robert Bosch GmbH. COUP Mobility users do not need a motorcycle license to rent and use eScooters offered by COUP Mobility. The company is offering eScooter sharing services in Berlin, Germany, Paris, France, and Madrid, Spain. The companies eScooters are available for use 24/7 and are always charged and ready to use. Coup Mobility is partnered with Allainz to provide insurance for each user renting an eScooter through COUP Mobility.

COUP Mobility offers its customers a mobile application that allows users to sign up for their eScooting sharing service and validate each users drivers license. The mobile application allows users the book eScooters ahead of time or on-demand. The company offers pre-paid eScooter rental packages and on-demand per minutes pricing (every minute costs 0,21 €, and each scooter has a minimum rental time of 10 minutes for 2,10 €).



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