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Goods and toys for children from 0 to 12 years. Baby food, toys, clothes and shoes, diapers and panties - in Buslik stores

Buslik is the first chain of children's stores in Belarus.

The first supermarket with such name appeared in Minsk on October 14, 2006, and during the next seven years supermarkets appeared in large Belarusian cities.

In "Buslik" customers will find a wide range of domestic and imported goods.

Sales consultants, who are mostly parents, will always give wise and competent advice.

The supermarket chain offers a wide range of products necessary for children from birth to adolescence. The total assortment has about 50,000 items, and their number is constantly increasing, as all the wishes of customers are taken into account.

Food: mixtures, purees, juices, canned meat and vegetables, infant teas, drinking water, etc.

Clothing: warm outerwear and hats, pants and skirts, bodywear, undershirts, overalls, underwear, hats, etc.

Footwear: boots, sandals, boots, slippers, valenki, rubber boots, etc.

Goods for school and creativity: books and magazines, paints, notebooks, colored crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils, kits for creativity, photo albums, etc.

Cosmetics and care products: diapers, shampoos, oils, creams, sprinkles, powder, and household chemicals

Baby accessories: bottles, pots, soothers, pacifiers, cutlery, tubs, etc.

Furniture, strollers and bedding: baby car seats, swings, cribs, changing tables, high chairs, dressers, etc.

Toys: educational games, musical toys, constructors, dolls, board games, games for outdoor activities, multifunctional educational centers, etc.



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A chain of supermarkets for children "Buslik


A chain of supermarkets for children "Buslik"


Buslik - We Make a Big, Happy Family


April 3, 2019

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