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Brocard Ukraine

Brocard Ukraine

Brocard is a chain of stores and online retailer of perfumes and cosmetics, operating in Ukraine since 1997.

The holding includes: 97 stores in 26 cities of Ukraine. Lyudmyla Sevryuk is the director of Brocard-Ukraine LLC. The company has 1,700 employees. In 2020, the total turnover of Brocard-Ukraine amounted to UAH 4.126 billion.

Brocard Ukraine is one of the most influential operators in the domestic market, working in the segment of cosmetics and perfumes and coordinates the work of a developed network of branded stores BROCARD, BONJOUR and MAC. You can also buy original cosmetics and perfumes through the LETU online store. UA.

BROKARD cooperates exclusively with official representatives of manufacturing companies and makes direct deliveries of original products. The possibility of selling counterfeits through our outlets is completely excluded. We provide proof of originality for each product.

Qualified staff will help you navigate the impressive range of BROCARD, BONJOUR and MAC, provide all the necessary information about bonus programs, promotions and other opportunities to save by buying the best!

Brocard Ukraine is one of the 200 largest companies in Ukraine. Today, in 25 cities in different regions, there are about a hundred branded stores, in which more than 1,000,000 Ukrainians become customers every year.


The history of "Brocard-Ukraine" began in 1995, when one of the founders of the company, Yuri Gatkin, came to Ukraine from Germany and, together with partners Vladimir Gorobei and Alexander Garaev, began supplying inexpensive perfumes from France in trailers of 65,000 bottles per car. They sold it wherever possible: in the markets, in stalls and shops. $3 per bottle. In the first year, 11 trucks were sold, in 1997 - 54, and in 1998 sales approached a hundred trucks.

Further, the company began to create a network of perfumery points of sale. At first, retail consisted of separate sections in stores - TSUM, department stores "Ukraine", "Children's World" and others. The first full-fledged BROCARD store was opened in Kiev in 1999 at Velyka Vasylkivska, 30 (former Krasnoarmeyskaya).

Well, the first BROCARD store in the classic format that everyone knows today was launched in December 2002 in the Globus shopping center in the capital. It has become an absolute know-how for the market: 3-4 times larger than a standard store of those times (almost 500 sq. m of open space), with a self-service format without counters and doors, without the "door handle" effect when a visitor enters the store there is no psychological barrier to overcome. Everything was innovative: lighting, organization of space, display of goods.



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January 31, 2020

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January 28, 2022

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