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Big Bob

Big Bob

Official site of the Snack Production Group of Companies - the leader in the snack market. Find out information about brandy, vacancies and company news.

In April 2015, the Snack Production Group introduced a completely new, exclusive brand "Big Bob" to the packaged nuts market. The desire to be in the center of bright events and get the most out of life is an inalienable desire of modern people. It is for such active and motivated people that the selected ideally roasted peanuts "Big Bob" were created. The benefits of peanuts and the incredible taste of spices are always at hand!

High quality, amazing taste, unique production technology - these are the advantages that distinguish Big Bob from competitors and allow the brand to actively increase the audience of like-minded people. "Big Bob" will perfectly complement the taste of any drink, useful for a snack, necessary for pleasure!

And for those who want even more crunch, now there are crisps - peanuts in a crispy shell. Big Bob Crisps have unique rich flavors: Veal with Adjika, Wasabi, Cheese and Sweet Chili.


April 7, 2003
Big Bob was founded.


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