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Bengals - Super Bowl

Bengals - Super Bowl

pBENGALS is an Outcome Token that will be redeemable for $1 USDC if the given team wins the Super Bowl. Each outcome token is fully collateralized in USDC, with decentralized resolution fulfilled by UMA’s Optimistic Oracle.

A new Polymarket is coming.

Stage 2 of the Polymarket Beta is almost here. Unlimited free trades, debit/credit card deposits, email login, and 10x more liquidity. Get early access and a free $100.

Polymarket is an information markets platform that lets you bet on the world’s most highly-debated topics (ie Coronavirus, Politics, the news, etc), and turns the trading activity into actionable insight that helps people make better decisions for their future.

On June 16th, 2020, we launched the Polymarket Beta out of stealth. The 3 months since have been surreal. What started as a deep conviction in the viability and social value of information markets manifested itself as a product that garnered real usage and produced meaningful market-based insights.

We knew when we launched Polymarket that it was still an early version of what we had in mind, with high friction for users in the form of Metamask-only login, obscene ETH transaction fees, and limited liquidity. Despite all this, early user adoption far exceeded our expectations, and has afforded us the support necessary to grow Polymarket into the full-fledged, globally accessible markets platform that we had envisioned.

We want Polymarket to be for everyone; that’s why we’ve spent the last few months quietly working on the next stage of the Polymarket saga, which aims to dramatically improve user experience and accessibility to our platform — and we’re just about ready to share it with you!

Commencing Stage 2

In the coming weeks, we’ll be entering into Stage 2 of the Polymarket Beta. Our users talked, and we listened. New features include:

Unlimited free trades with instant execution

Debit/credit card deposits and email login

No-limit trading on more markets with 10x more liquidity

Want Early Access and a free $100 USDC for trading?

Starting today, we’ll be accepting requests for exclusive early access to Polymarket Stage 2. Selected users will participate in a brief onboarding session with our team, get early access to the platform, plus a free $100 USDC to be used for trading on Polymarket. Additionally, after you’re onboarded, for each accepted user you refer you’ll get another $20 USDC.

To get started, request early access here.

(Hint: tweet using #PolymarketStage2 to boost your chances of getting picked.)

For Existing Polymarket Users

Firstly, we’re incredibly appreciative for your continued support and feedback. You need not worry, your existing Polymarket positions aren’t going anywhere — but once Stage 2 goes officially live, the current version of the site (along with its markets) will be hosted elsewhere. Note, your positions will not transfer over, and beginning on Stage 2, Metamask will no longer be supported — but you can easily sell your positions and deposit the USDC into your new Polymarket wallet when ready. The great news is, all Polymarket users to date will be eligible to receive future rewards for their past participation as either a trader or liquidity provider.

In Conclusion

We’re super excited to share our new and improved product with you and hear your feedback. This is still just the beginning of our journey building Polymarket into the de facto Information Markets platform, and we’re beyond grateful to have you along for the ride.


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