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Twitch streamer and YouTuber

He started his YouTube channel in late 2015, and started his Twitter in early February 2014. His first video is H1Z1. After that he started playing mainly CS:GO with his crew of other YouTuber friends. However, like most of his friends, he later migrated to making Overwatch videos. His popularity has gained the attention of big YouTubers like Zylbrad, Saltyphish, and Muselk. He gained a lot of popularity from playing Fortnite in season 4 and 5 with YouTubers such as Muselk (Elliot) and Crayator (Cray). He used to live with them as well as other users in a YouTuber group known as the Click. Bazza, Crayator, Marcus, Loserfruit, Lazarbeam, and Muselk were all members of this house, and are all gaming YouTubers/streamers who gained a lot of popularity from their Fortnite content. Bazza made a mix of Minecraft and VRchat videos before GTAV's No Pixel 2.0 server came out, which he now primarily streams on Twitch.


February 1, 1997
BazzaGazza was born in Commonwealth of Australia.


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