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Atlantis Loans Polygon

Atlantis Loans Polygon

Decentralized Finance based Money Market exclusively on BSC. You can supply and borrow assets like BTC, ETH, ATLX, ATL, USDT, BUSD, USDC, LINK

Atlantis is an autonomous and decentralized money market that enables

variable-based rates for supplying digital asset collaterals to the protocol and from

borrowing digital assets from the protocol with over-collateralized assets. The tokenization of

digital assets onto the Atlantis protocol will unlock liquidity from that asset without having to

liquidate and/or sell that asset in the market. Money Markets allow users to tap into a

peer-to-peer marketplace where all interactions are validated against open-source smart

contracts running on the immutable Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The entire Atlantis

protocol is operated by its community with no centralized control or team tokens exercising

power over the protocol’s governance. Atlantis is designed to protect the equilibrium

between borrowers and suppliers by allowing liquidators to handle bad vaults and collecting

a premium for stabilizing the protocol. Atlantis users are in control by interacting with the

ATL utility token to govern and operate the platform with consensus


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