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Aston Villa Fan Token

Aston Villa Fan Token

Fan Token


Talking to fans is what we love to do - all day, everyday. After all was born by the desire to engage fans from across the globe.


Sports and Crypto move at lightning speed. And so do we. We constantly push ourselves and our partners for better, quicker results.


The inspiration was blockchain technology and we ran with it. From our CEO, who loves social media, to club polls, we’re an open book.

We’re fans too!

We are a bunch of sports mad and crypto nerds ourselves. That is why we love what we do so much. We owe it to ourselves too!

Aston Villa F.C, in partnership with Chiliz, the leading global blockchain providers for the sports and entertainment industry, have announced that they will launch a $AVL Fan Token on the app.

Fan Tokens are collectible digital assets, minted on the Chiliz $CHZ blockchain, that will create new experiences for Villa supporters across the world, allowing them to become part of a vibrant digital community on

There will be countless engagement opportunities on for $AVL Fan Token holders, including the chance to participate in a series of interactive votes with the club every season


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