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Alana Santos Benz

Alana Santos Benz

Alana Santos Benz is a Brazilian Entrepreneur. She is a the founder of the British company Biomimetic Solutions and the American Omninix LLC.

Alana Santos Benz is a Brazilian Entrepreneur and Materials Engineer. Alana Benz is the founder and former CEO of Biomimetic Solutions Limited, a United Kingdom company founded by December 2016 and formally registered in Companies House (UK Gov) by 2018. The company created a patented nanofiber scaffold capable to support stem cells and creates a proper environment to produce human/animal tissues. The company decided to focus its approach in the cultivation of animals cells, generating highly sustainable meat for human consumption without animal slavery.

Alana Benz also composes the founder team and it is the head of research and development of the American company Ominiwix LLC. The company is focused on the production of 3D printed concrete houses.

She was highlighted by FORBES BRAZIL UNDER 30 2019 as one of the most promising talents and young professionals that got outstanding results in their professional field.



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