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Adil Zhalelov

Adil Zhalelov

Kazakh hip-hop artist - Scryptonite

Adil Oralbekovich Zhalelov - Adil Kulmagambetov was born on June 3, 1990 in the village of Leninsky near the city of Pavlodar in the north-east of Kazakhstan, in the family of Oralbek Zhalelovich Kulmagambetov (born September 1, 1953). He began to study music in his teens, at the age of 11 he became interested in rap, at the age of 15 he began to compose music. He claims that in his youth he changed his surname Kulmagambetov to Zhalelov.

Scryptonite positions his work as "Kazakh rap" and does not approve of those who call him a "Russian performer" who makes "Russian rap". His first texts were devoted to children's problems and school, then a short period of the so-called "rap about rap" began, and he began to raise current topics in the early 2010s. In his songs, unlike other Russian-speaking rappers experimenting with "profound" lyrics, Scryptonite focuses on the musical component, which he often does personally.

The artist prefers not to talk about his personal life and never posts photos of his family on social networks. However, in Basta's video for the song "Sansara" in April 2017, viewers saw a photo of Scryptonite with a baby in her arms. Later, the rapper confirmed that on January 19, 2016, he had a son, who was named Rays (in honor of the mother of the artist himself). The baby’s mother was a dancer and choreographer, Nigora Abdiganieva, whom Adil met long before he became famous, and had been in a relationship for several years. The artist never presented his chosen one to the public, but she can be seen in the video invitation of Scryptonite to the Green Theater.

In his interview with Yuri Dudyu, the rapper said that after the birth of an heir, he moved his family from Kazakhstan to Moscow. However, after some time, the girl decided to return with the baby to her native Shymkent and again started working in the dance studio. The rapper has repeatedly noted that he works very hard, which is why he rarely comes to his homeland and sees his son, whom he misses very much.



2018 - present. Gruppa Skryptonite, Musica36, "2004

On August 9, 2018, Adil releases "the first story from the new musical project Gruppa Skryptonite", called "Stupid and unnecessary". It is noteworthy that the video for the track was not released on the Gazgolder channel, but on the group's own channel.

On October 24, 2018, the premiere of the rap track "Multibrand", recorded together with T-Fest, 104 and Niman, took place. On the same day, the first episode of the second season of the GazLive show was released, with Adil as a guest. In this issue, he said that he is returning to rap and is currently busy creating a new EP, which will mainly consist of tracks not included in Ouroboros.

In 2019, Musica36 was created by Scriptonite, 104, Truwer and Dose. In February - March, five singles were released under this brand: "It's hot in hell today" (104 with Dose, Scryptonite), "Liquor bath" (Dose), "Podruga" (Gruppa Skryptonite), "Sinsemilla" (104 with account Scryptonite, Vander Feel, Rigos), “Danced” (Dose with account Andy Panda). A video was shot for the song "Podruga".

On March 21, a live performance of the song "Podruga" was published on Gruppa Skryptonite's YouTube channel, and on March 31 and April 1 - "Priton" and "Suka tashit nas na dno" respectively (other versions of songs released on the album "House with normal phenomena ").

On April 5, 2019, Solitude, the debut mini-album of Gruppa Skryptonite, was released. The disc included 6 songs, including the previously released singles "Glupye I Nenuzhnye" and "Podruga".

On June 28, Scryptonite released the maxi-single "Frozen", which included the song "Frozen" with Andy Panda, as well as the solo one - "Warm Up".

On December 24, 2019, Scryptonite released the fourth studio album "2004", which featured Andy Panda, 104, Truwer, MDee and Raida.

Scryptonite shared his thoughts on 2004 with Apple Music:

“I started writing this album a little over a year ago. I was not going to record a rap album, but nevertheless new songs were written and for some reason quite easily.

This is the first album where I wrote all the music myself, although on other records, most of the music was also mine. It does not have any kind of narrative concept or storyline stretching from beginning to end, but it sounds solid and for me personally very special. Probably because almost all of it is made with all sorts of analog synths and drum machines and it sounds warm, like in the 2000s.

For me, this is the first album that I can listen to in the background and not think that this is my record.

On February 20, 2020, the artist's album 104 was released under the title "Cinema without cigarettes". Adil took part in three songs: "It's not a pity" (with Miyagi), "Snow", "Pipes" (with Saluki).

2017-2018. "Holiday on 36 Street", Zorski music label and Ouroboros

On March 7, 2017, the band presented the mini-album Open Season.

The second studio album was eventually called "Holiday on 36 Street". The release took place on May 24, 2017. A few hours before the release of the album, the song "Outro" and the double video clip of Scriptonite - "Party" / Jillzay - "Bar" 2 dykes "" were published. The presentation of the album took place on May 26, 2017 at the A2 club in St. Petersburg, at which Adil announced that the release of the new album, which will have a different name, will still take place in the fall of 2017. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, editor-in-chief of the L’Officiel publication, he specified that the album called Ulitsa 36, ​​which is fundamentally different from the previous ones and is dedicated to the artist’s personal problems, will be double.

Soon it became known that the Jillzay group closed, and instead the Zorski music label was formed, which includes performers 104 (Yuri Drobitko), Truwer (Sayan Zhimbaev) and Benz (Altynbek Merkanov). In September, artists 104 and Truwer presented their joint solo album "Safari", on which Scryptonite acted not only as a guest, but also as an executive producer.

December 16, 2017 Scryptonite released the third work - a double concept album "Ouroboros: Street 36" and "Ouroboros: Mirrors". The name of the disc refers to the mythical creature - the snake ouroboros. Adil Zhalelov himself, in an interview with Gazeta.Ru, explained why the album has such a name: “... I realized that this is an image that is very close to me, combined with the meaning of my numbers - 36. Plus the image of a snake that eats itself, the principle of self-improvement through self-destruction , is very close to me from many different angles.

The presentation of the record took place on the same day in St. Petersburg at the A2 club. On the day of the release, Zhalelov said in his Instagram broadcast that rap as a genre had become obsolete for him, and therefore he was taking a break from his work, planning not to release large solo releases for 2-3 years.

2016 Jillzay Group, GQ Award

It was originally planned that the second album of Scryptonite would be released on the same day as the debut album. In an interview with Meduza, Scryptonite assured that the almost finished album called 3P (read as English tripy) should be released in January 2016, but for unknown reasons, the album did not appear on the stated date. Subsequently, it became known that the second studio album of Scryptonite would be called "Hotel Everest".

In September 2016, the Russian edition of the men's magazine GQ recognized Scryptonite as the "Discovery of the Year".

On October 29, 2016, the group Jillzay, which includes Scryptonite, released the 18-track album 718 Jungle. The performer took part in half of all the songs.

2015 "House with Normal Phenomena"

Scryptonite's debut album, entitled "House with Normal Phenomena" (an allusion to the title of the film "House with Paranormal Phenomena") was released on November 24, 2015 and took second place in the iTunes album chart, overtaking the album "Gorgorod" by the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron and losing to the new album by the British singer Adele. Gazeta.Ru columnist Yaroslav Zabaluev noted that “in a little over an hour, Zhalelov offers not just a conceptual, atmospheric work, but also a fair amount of genre diversity - from trap and New York hip-hop to almost gospel”

“House with Normal Phenomena” became one of the most successful Russian rap albums of 2015, and Scryptonite himself was recognized by the online publication as “rapper of the year”. "Dom ..." was included in the list of "20 best albums of 2015" according to Gazeta.Ru and was awarded 6th place in the list of "30 best albums of the year" according to Afisha. The album took 1st place in the list of the best Russian-language albums according to and The Flow.

The video clip for the song "Style" took 5th place in the list of "Best Russian Videos of 2015" according to, and the song itself took 15th place in the list of "50 Best Tracks of 2015" according to The Flow. In the same top, the song "Dance by yourself" took 3rd place. The Afisha publication included the video clip for the song "Priton" in the list of "100 Great Videos of 2015".

First successes

In 2009, Scryptonite, together with his friend Anuar Baimuratov (Niman), created the JILLZ group. In addition to them, the group included Yuri Drobitko (Yurik Chetverg), Sayan Zhimbaev (Truwer), Azamat Alpysbaev (Six O) and Aidos Dzhumalinov (Strong Symphony).

Even before signing a contract with Gazgolder, Scryptonite released several singles that became hits, and managed to acquire fans of his work, and also became famous as a performer of "real" trap music. In 2013, Scryptonite, together with Niman, released a video clip for the song "VBVVCTND" (stands for "Choice without options - everything you gave us"). After that, the Russian production center Gazgolder became interested in him. On February 27, 2014, it became known that Scryptonite became a resident of this label. Subsequently, Scryptonite stated that it was 2014 that became a turning point in his life.

In 2015, he took part in the creation of a joint album by Basta and Smokey Mo called "Basta / Smokey Mo". The single "Cosmos", recorded together with Dasha Charusha, took a leading position in the iTunes charts and became the 22nd in the list of "50 best tracks of 2015" according to The Flow website.

June 3, 1990
Adil Zhalelov was born in Republic of Kazakhstan.


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