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JSC "A-BANK" is a universal commercial bank and offers a full range of modern financial services to both individuals and legal entities.

Information about the bank

NBU license No. 16 dated 26.10.2011

A-Bank started its work in Ukraine in 1992 under the name Kyivprivatbank, the successor of which later became the Ukrainian Credit Bank. In 2006, a temporary administration was introduced into the bank. In 2007, a group of individuals, in particular, Viktor Medvedchuk and Igor Surkis, sold 37.5% of the shares to the owners of PrivatBank. The new co-owners also placed a guarantee deposit in the institution, which was subsequently reissued into the authorized capital.

In March 2007, as a result of the rebranding, the institution was renamed accent-bank (A-Bank), and the head office moved from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk. In September 2015, the Surkis brothers bought a 96.6% stake in the bank in PrivatBank.

Key shareholders: brothers Grigory (32.99%) and Igor Surkis (33.23%), as well as their daughters Svetlana (16.89%) and Marina (16.89%).


In May 2021, A-Bank became the finAwards 2021 medalist in 2 nominations including:

  • silver in the nomination: "People's Bank"
  • bronze in the nominations: "Best mobile application"


  • A-Bank shows high and stable positions among the annual indicators of total and net profit, and is also among the top 10 banks in Ukraine with the largest number of operating structural units.
  • The financial institution is among the top 10 banks by the number of depositors -
  • A-Bank was the first in the world to introduce payment video cards in the ABank24 application and launched a Share credit card sharing service. CreditCard —

The Bank is a member of:

  • Deposit Guarantee Fund (certificate No. 91 dated 02.11.2012).
  • international payment systems VISA and Mastercard
  • international money transfer systems (Western Union, Unistream, Privat Money, Anelik, Allure, MoneyGram, CoinStar).

A-Bank is a universal commercial bank that offers a full range of modern financial services to both corporate clients and individuals. The strategic goal of A-Bank is to develop the bank by providing clear and popular banking services by customers, improving productivity with the help of innovative and technological solutions, achieving a minimum indicator of asset problems.

Individual clients are available:

  • credit and debit cards
  • card for payments
  • deposits
  • pension card
  • consumer credit
  • "Fast cash" service
  • money transfers
  • payments and cash transactions
  • internet banking
  • insurance
  • rent of safes

Legal entities can issue:

  • deposits
  • credit programs
  • corporate bank account
  • internet banking for business

Bank shares:

Internet banking and mobile banking:

Chairman of the Board of A-Bank: Yuriy Kandaurov (since September 3, 2015).

Previously, Yuri Vasilyevich held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank, and since May 2013 he headed the Georgian branch of the financial institution.

Financial results of A-Bank:


June 27, 2018
ABank24 was founded.



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