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What is the zombie social club?

‘The ZSC’ platforms art, music, dance, fashion, culture, community and more inside the Metaverse, which is an ever evolving landscape of technology covering gaming, virtual reality, blockchain and web3. The ZSC platform will give real artists the opportunity to explore and take advantage of these powerful technologies in an immersive virtual reality experience. We like to think of the ZSC platform as hundreds of small and large stages across the metaverse where our ‘creators’ host music festivals, dance shows, social events, podcasts, parties and so much more which you and your friends can experience in virtual space.

artist launchpad

Are you a singer, dancer, comedian or talk show host... maybe an artist? Monetise your craft through brand sponsorships, metaverse tours, NFTs & Non-Fungible tickets, real/virtual merchandise... or simply sell your music, one track at a time. Our teams in audio production, brand marketing, motion graphics, virtual reality, CGI production, VFX/animation and post-production supports all levels of talent with all the resource and guidance needed to be a success.

unique experiences

Our project gives real people a gateway to experience more of what they love, at home, whilst being in the same virtual space as their favourite creators, celebrities and influences. You can attend concerts, fashion, dance and comedy shows, music festivals and more. Interact with your favourite actor or singer, podcast host, author, fellow creative or family and friends to have fun, feel excited and most importantly share their emotions in an immersive virtual reality.

non-fungible tokens

the ZSC founders have the resources and experience to launch artists into their NFT journeys, whether it be tokenising art, music, tickets, merch and more. from our creators, 25% of all sales go directly back into the the ZSC and will be used for physical merch, developing the brand, hiring talent & hosting giveaways/competitions. this ensures we're starting a healthy economy around music, ownership, and vr technology. join us to become part of the legacy.

The Zombie Social Club is a collection of 8,888 unique zombies and is the first ever ZSC-Studios project. With a scheduled launch of the 9th February, the collection resembles the whole ZSC brand giving heaps of utility back to the owner. Owning 1 of the 8,888 unlocks limited edition content both physically and virtually. You can stake and earn the ZSC native token $ZSC. The NFT can also be locked to earning merchandise, derivative drops and crypto incentives. Our growth is the communities growth and just by owning a ZSC NFT, you own a part of our legacy. This collection will fund the foundations of ZSC-Studios.


earn zOmbie Social Coins (ZSC) for staking your ZSC NFT. You can spend these in our merch store or for something unique to evolve your nft.


from hoodies, beanies, tees, skate decks, mouse mats, headphones, socks, stickers and more, shop your zsc drip the way that fits your style


our community is the heart of the zombie social club, every member is valued and given equal opportunities to create, showcase, share and succeed.


Celebrating digital and tech innovation in arts and culture, We want to give everyone the opportunity to create, share and love art the way we do.

nft drops

all zsc nft holders can claim and purchase exclusive derivative and partnered drops of the zombie social club. you'll also receive exclusive invites to hot projects.


After we've settled into our new headquarters and fine tuned all of our equipment for the metaverse, you know we've got to officially open our studio with something crazy! Zombie Social Club holders will be eligible to attend an exclusive, private concert with some well known artists that'll perform live from our studio in the UK. ZSC NFT holders who are in the virtual space can interact with some of the artists and live stream the experience on their own platforms. They will also be eligible to buy limited edition merch that they can physically wear or use as an item for their metaverse avatars and even resell on the secondary market.


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