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The Monkey King is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. He has acquired the 72 Earthly Transformations, which allow him to access 72 unique powers, including the ability to transform into sundry animals and objects.


All Handsome Monkey Kings are hand drawn with its own characteristics and expressions. They have over 200 differentiable traits like no other, and entirely handsome with unique distinctions.


Handsome Monkey Kings are living eternally on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of an NFT. Each Handsome Monkey King token grants access for the holder into the realms of “Water Curtain Cave”, where exclusive activities will be held for HMK Club Members only.


Be part of the Handsome Monkey King Club. Besides owning a provably rare piece of art, you are also gaining membership access to the “Water Curtain Cave” Society. Members will be entitled to ETH giveaway, and new collection NFT airdrops.

In addition, for our phrase 2 mission – develop DAO $HMKC token and HMK Club Game. All member community governed card games, members will get passive income distributed to the community on a monthly basis.

Road Map
Warm Up

Waking up the Handsome Monkey King – 72 HMK NFTs giveaway thru different channels, such as discord, IG, Twitter, reddit.


24 hours pre-sale period will be opened for whitelisted wallet. Join our discord to secure your whitelist spot.

Public Launch

28 Feb 2022 2pm UTC. Each wallet will be limited to 3 Handsome Monkey King in order to give everyone a fair chance & prevent bots from sweeping.

25% Sold – 7.2 ETH Will Be Raffled For Our Community

7.2 ETH will be given away to lucky Handsome Monkey King NFT holders (1 NFT = 1 entry). All HMK NFT holders will determine how the 7.2 ETH to be raffled by voting. Either one lucky OG wins all or break it into 10 to 72 prizes, which the community has the right to decide

50% Sold – Tesla Model 3 Giveaway

One Tesla Model 3 will be given away to a lucky NFT holders. If you don’t want a Model 3, total USD40k worth of ETH will be given as a substitute.

75% Sold - HMK Club Games Kick Off, And $HMKC Token Development

HMK Club Games and $HMKC token begins to develop. HMK holders can join the activities and earn the tokens.

New trends in NFT gaming, $HMKC token can be used to play with card games to win more tokens or just holding HMK NFT to earn our NFT-based gaming revenue and commission. HMK Club holder will be dropped with initial fund, while normal player exchanges from other cryptocurrencies or cash.

100% Sold - Handsome Celestial Dog (NFT Breeding) Will Be Released + Tesla Model Y Giveaway

5555 unique Handsome Celestial Dogs (HCD) will be released for HMKC holders to adopt (free to claim). The HCD NFT holders have the same rights as HMK NFT holders, which results in more people will get the membership benefits within HMK Club. Moreover, a Tesla Model Y will be given away to a lucky NFT holder. If you don’t want a Model Y, total USD53k worth of ETH will be given as a substitute.

Phase 2

HMK Club Games, $HMKC token, DAO, Whitepaper of the token, Bull Demon King NFT collection, Metaverse, etc.

* Begin free 3D model development air drop for expansion of HMK Club into other Metaverses (such as Sandbox).


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