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The Zen-O is a portable oxygen concentrator manufactured by Gas Control Equipment Ltd.

Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator is designed to enable patients with respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), better manage their oxygen therapy. Zen-O weighs 4.66 kg and can deliver up to 2 litres per minute of oxygen in either pulse or continuous flow. Zen-O is supplied with a variety of accessories, including a carry bag and a pull cart for increased mobility. Zen-O delivers up to 2 litres of oxygen per minute in response to the patient's need. Zen-O automatically increases the amount of oxygen delivered if a patient's breath rate rises.

Zen-O is designed to be practical and robust for operational efficiency and low cost of ownership. The design includes a field replaceable sieve bed easily exchanged with simple tools. The sieve bed is an important part of the device and enables Zen-O to produce oxygen and needs to be replaced over time and use.


The Zen-O features includes breath sensitivity and rate response therapy, a dual flow mode, a large LCD screen, an eco mode and an auto mode, and manufactured to be durable and reliable. Accessories for the Zen-O include extra battery, carry bag, carry cart, DC adapter, POC filter wrench, POC cannula filter pack, and sieve bed assembly.


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