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Zab Technologies

Zab Technologies

Zab technologies is a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company providing End-to-End Services from development to Marketing solutions.

Zab Technologies provides software solutions by adopting Blockchain Technology.

They offer solutions for industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Agriculture, etc.

The crypto developers periodically grasp neoteric technologies in the market and implement in their potential products. With around a great success ratio, they offer best-in-class Blockchain by-products and eventually driving in a huge set of benefits.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
  • End to End token Creation with ICO.
  • ICO Marketing.
  • End to End token creation with STO platform.
  • STO Marketing.
  • IEO LaunchPad.
  • Altcoin Creation [ New Coin Creation ]
  • Wallet Creation.
  • Decentralized Exchange Platform.
  • Hybrid Exchange Development.
  • Smart Contract Development.
  • Private Blockchain Development.
  • Crowd Funding Platform.

Zab Technologies delivers Crypto Exchange software which has acted as a tool in uprising the dividends of the clients. Their white label services allow the investors to instantly start a crypto exchange.

They develop security tokens which have helped numerous organizations to achieve fundraising goals in the cryptocurrency industry.

The expertised digital marketing professionals at Zab Technologies introduces your ICO to the global audience with their innovative and unique approaches.

They handle futuristic ways such as Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc to promote your Security tokens to a larger set of audiences.

The master set of professionals at Zab Technologies develops Blockchain for multiple industry vertices with security as #1 concern. Their solutions are comparatively faster and secure across the industry.

Crypto Wallet Development

The experienced developers at Zab offer cryptocurrency wallets where users can securely store multiple cryptocurrencies and private keys with safe security mechanisms.

Initial Exchange Offering

Zab Technologies offer IEO modules for the crypto exchanges where the client can choose the type of projects to get listed and raise the funds.

Security Token Exchange

In addition to the utility tokens, traders can now trade security tokens in the crypto exchange with Zab’s Security Token Exchange software.

Initial Coin Offering

Fundraising is going to be a hassle-free process with Zab’s Initial Coin Offering development. They assist in building ICO platforms and websites right from whitepaper drafting to coin creation.

Altcoin Creation Service

With Zab Technologies, one can easily develop their own coin of their own choice and unique business requirements that can multiply the profits.



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