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Yekaterina Guseva

Yekaterina Guseva

Russian actress of theater, cinema, television, musicals, dubbing and dubbing, singer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.


Ekaterina Guseva is a Russian theater and film actress who first attracted attention in the early 2000s and since then regularly pleases the public with appearances on screens and stage. The star is not afraid to take risks and test herself, which makes her every image even more vivid and memorable.

Childhood and youth

Ekaterina was born on July 9, 1976, she is a native Muscovite. The parents of the future artist met while working at the atelier, but later my mother joined the civil service, and my father remained a tailor. Soon the family was replenished with another daughter, who was named Anastasia.

The Gusevs did not live richly, but at the same time, Katya did not need anything in her childhood. Later, the singer recalled that her parents dressed her and her sister as dolls. Dad sewed new outfits for the girls, and mom defended long queues to buy them good shoes. Therefore, the celebrity was more interested not in things, but in new impressions.

Ekaterina Guseva as a child

When Katya was 4 years old, gymnastics coaches came to kindergarten. They immediately noted the amazing flexibility of the girl and invited her to study in the section. Guseva was delighted with the training, but one day her grandmother looked into an open lesson, who saw sports equipment and was afraid that her granddaughter would be injured. I had to leave the circle.

Then figure skating appeared in Katya's life, but even this did not last long, because after the girl suffered pneumonia, there could be no question of training in the cold. Her parents also took her away from swimming, otherwise they would have had to cut off a long thick braid, which was hard to dry.

So that Katya would not be sad because of the failed career of an athlete, she was given to dance. For 7 years, the girl performed as part of the ensemble "Colchis", with whom she managed to visit even on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. In this team, Guseva got everything she had dreamed of for so long — both physical activity and the opportunity to feel like an artist.

Ekaterina Guseva in the film "Snake Spring"

In high school, Ekaterina participated in school theater productions. The scene fascinated her more and more, but she planned to enroll in a biotechnological institute — her parents wanted this. Fate was decided by chance. One day, an amateur production in which the performer participated was seen by assistant Evgenia Simonova. She advised the girl to enroll in a master's course at the Boris Shchukin Theater School.

Guseva learned a fable, a monologue and a verse in a short time and appeared before the admissions committee on the right day. She did it easily. The artist was finishing her studies already under the guidance of Valentina Nikolaenko, who was appointed head of the course after Simonov's death.


Soon after graduation, Ekaterina received an invitation to the theater "At the Nikitsky Gate" by Mark Rozovsky. There the performer served for 4 years, played in the plays "Poor Lisa" and "Three Little Pigs". But one day she saw an ad about finding artists to participate in the musical "Nord-Ost". Although there were actresses with classical music education among the celebrity's competitors, she got the role of Katya Tatarinova.

Later Guseva recalled that the performers were trained as cosmonauts. They were subjected to intense physical exertion daily so that they could not only sing, but also perform complex acrobatic tricks without voice distortion. In addition, Ekaterina regularly studied with the teacher, improving her vocal skills. As a result, many viewers did not believe that the artists were performing without a soundtrack.

Ekaterina Guseva in the TV series "Brigade"

For many, "Nord-Ost" is associated with the tragedy that happened on Dubrovka in 2002. Guseva was supposed to be on stage that day, but by a lucky chance she took the day off. After the terrorist attack, she was going to return to the role without hesitation, but the musical was soon closed.

Left without a job, the actress did not grieve for long about this, because she was called to the troupe of the Mossovet Theater. Playing Lucy in the play "The Strange Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", Ekaterina was awarded the "Seagull" award.

In the following years of Guseva's creative biography, she successfully collaborated with other theaters. In 2012, she became an actress of the Moscow Operetta, participated in the productions of Count Orlov and Anna Karenina, demonstrating different facets of vocal skill.


Immediately after graduating from the theater university, the performer found herself on the set. Her screen debut was the thriller "Snake Spring", where she played the main role of a young teacher Dina. Later, Ekaterina said that when she first saw the painting, she was dissatisfied with her work, but over time she learned to look at herself without ratings.

In the future, other screen projects followed, but Guseva gained popularity already in the early 2000s. Then the gangster saga "Brigade" came out, in which the artist had to play the beloved of the main character performed by Sergei Bezrukov. When preparing for the role, Ekaterina did not read the entire script, but only the replicas of her Olga. This helped to make the image more believable, because, like the heroine, the star initially did not know about the dark side of Sasha Bely's life.


Ekaterina sings not only in the theater and cinema, but also outside of them. The celebrity collaborates with Leonid Serebrennikov, with whom he records romances. They are regular participants of the "Romance of Romance" program. And in 2007, Guseva pleased fans with her first solo record, "Maybe it will work out."


Guseva repeatedly had to perform the duties of a TV presenter. In her youth, she helped Mikhail Borisov to conduct the program "Russian Lotto", where she was filmed for thematic screensavers. Later, the actress received an invitation to work on the show "The Phantom of the Opera".

Ekaterina Guseva and Roman Kostomarov

But most often Ekaterina appears on television as a participant. She visited Fort Boyard twice, where she demonstrated self-control and courage. When the launch of one of the first ice shows "Stars on Ice" began, the actress received an invitation to perform with Roman Kostomarov, which she accepted with delight. Later they starred together in the movie "Hot Ice", where the star played a professional figure skater.

And in 2021, the performer tried her hand not on ice, but on the parquet. In the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars", her partner and mentor was choreographer Evgeny Papunaishvili. They became bronze medalists.

Personal life

Ekaterina found family happiness back in 1996, when she became the wife of businessman Vladimir Abashkin. The husband is involved in the activities of the actress, his company Base-Beauty is engaged in the creation of scenery. He also received a theatrical education — he studied to be a director.

Ekaterina Guseva with her husband

At the end of 1999, the star gave birth to her husband's son, who was named Alexey. The heir received the surname of Vladimir, but the daughter, who appeared 11 years later, became Guseva. According to the performer, this is so that "no one is offended."

Now harmony reigns in Catherine's family, among the secrets of such a strong marriage she calls a sense of humor. The artist prefers not to expose her personal life for show and only occasionally pleases Instagram account subscribers with photos with children. The singer's son graduated from MGIMO, and the daughter is still looking for her way. But she had already tried her hand at music — she learned to play the violin and ukulele.

Ekaterina Guseva now

In 2022, Ekaterina continued to delight the audience with appearances on the screens. She played the main role in the comedy "I want! I will!", on the site of which she was accompanied by Stanislav Duzhnikov and Valentina Lyapina. Also with her participation, the melodrama "Amanat" was released.

In January, the award ceremony of Vladimir Vysotsky "Own Track" took place, which was entrusted to Guseva. The actress was paired with her colleague Dmitry Kharatyan. The solemn event was held at the Gradsky Hall Theater.


1997 - "Snake spring"

2002 - "Brigade"

2005 - "Yesenin"

2005 - "Hunting for raisins"

2007 — "He, she and I"

2007 - "Thank you for your love!"

2009 - "A Walk in Paris"

2009 - "Palm Sunday"

2011 — "Goldfish in the city N"

2012 — "Brigade. Heir"

2016 — "to Find a husband Daria Klimova"

2018 — "A. L. J. I. R."

2018-2019 — "Tobol"

2019 — "Entering the house, look"

2019 — "Brownie"

2020 — "Broken mirror"

2020 — "Casanova"

2021 — Africa

2021 — "Against all odds"

2022 — Amanat

2022 — "I want! I will!"


Guseva joined the troupe of the Mossovet Theater, in which she is currently a member

Ekaterina performed with a group of divertissements for Leonid Parfenov's film "The Living Pushkin

she was invited by one of the assistants of the presenter Mikhail Borisov to the TV game "Russian Lotto"

July 9, 1976
Yekaterina Guseva was born in Moscow.


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