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XAYA (CHI) is the cryptocurrency token native to the XAYA blockchain development platform.


The CHI cryptocurrency is the native cryptocurrency of the XAYA blockchain platform. The coin is a triple-purpose mining (PoW) for consensus. The mining fees of CHI are used for transactions and on-chain game moves and is available in the Ethereum ecosystem as WCHI. The token's total supply is 77.3 million with about 55 million in circulation, and the total supply is not affected by WCHI. CHI is also burned, such as in the Taurion game built on the XAYA platform, where the in-game currency can only be purchased through burning CHI.

WCHI stands for Wrapped CHI, which allows CHI to be circulated on the Ethereum blockchain, where it can be traded on various markets and provides broader access to CHI in the markets to allow people to use existing Ethereum wallets to hold the WCHI and without needing a XAYA wallet. CHI is secured through a triple-purpose mining technique that uses merge mined SHA-256d and a variant of Neoscrypt with 25 percent of block rewards going to SHA-256d miners, and 75 percent of block rewards going to XAYA Neoscrypt miners. Merged mining allows Bitcoin miners to mine CHI essentially for free, and the massive hashing work makes CHI highly secure.

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August 23, 2010

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