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Wiwynn is a New Taipei City-based developer of cloud-based IT infrastructure and data center solutions.


Wiwynn is a cloud IT infrastructure and data center rack solutions company developing cloud and bare metal storage products and solutions. The company is also a part of the Open Compute Project and participates in developing advanced computing and storage system designs and implementation-related benefits into the company's traditional data center solutions. The company engages in the research, development design, and testing of products, peripheral equipment, and parts of computer and peripheral equipment, including data storage media, electric appliances, and media products. Wiwynn also provides management consulting, information software, and data processing services.

Wiwynn was founded in April 2022 with the vision to be a valued partner for cloud services businesses. It was established by Wistron Corporation, a computer ODM partner. Wiwynn has worked to develop workload-optimized server products with better total cost of ownership than partner solutions for its customers and partners. Previously, Wiwynn was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wistron Group, but it has since matured and grown into an independent entity.

21-inch product series

Wiwynn's 21-inch Open Rack solution is intended to deliver flexibility for users and is built to offer greater performance and cost of ownership compared to competitor solutions. These products are compliant with the Open Compute Project specifications and are suited for cloud service providers and large data centers that require high levels of operation and power efficiency. The server racks are designed to offer easy cold-aisle operation and tool-less replacement of front-serviceable parts. The 21-inch product category includes multi-node servers, storage servers, all-flash NVMe JBOF, and traditional storage products.

19-inch product series

Wiwynn's 19-inch product series consists of data center rack solutions capable of using existing IT facilities. This series of servers is built to provide better power consumption, cooling, and capacity usage than competitor racks. They are built to offer greater maintainability, computing power, and I/O throughput while being cost-optimized when compared to competitor products. The 19-inch server product series includes multi-node servers, multi-purpose servers, edge platform, and all-flash NVMe JBOF.


August 23, 2022
Wiwynn ramps up production for global growth.


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