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Wasder is a Swedish company

Wasder is a Swedish company that was first launched in 2017 as a social community platform for gamers, and the token reward ecosystem was launched May 7th, 2021. The platform enables gamers to utilize several tools to find other gamers to play with, host their own communities, connect with their favorite streamers, have party chats with friends and much more. With the launch of a token comes integration of NFTs, virtual events, tournaments and much more.

The platform itself has been in open beta since 2020, and onboarded over 100,000 new users during the first year.

The wasder token

The Wasder token ecosystem was created to incentivize our users to continue using existing, and testing new functionality. Think of it as a circular economy, with a whole bunch of exciting ways to both earn and spend tokens.

For the content creators, we are currently exploring ways to get rewarded from fans for all their hard work. In the true spirit of Wasder, this also means there will be ways to give back to the fans and the community to make it truly circular.



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