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A city in Russia, the administrative center of the Vladimir region and the city of Vladimir city district. In the XII-XIV centuries - the capital of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir. One of the largest tourist centers of the European part of Russia. It is included in the tourist route "Golden Ring of Russia". Date of foundation: 990

Vladimir is one of the ancient cities of Russia included in the Golden Ring. It is located on the banks of the Klyazma River, 176 km east of Moscow. It is the administrative center of the Vladimir region. The number of population in the city is about 355 thousand people.

There are two versions about the supposed date of the foundation of the city of Vladimir. One of them is earlier and it is based on chronicle sources that indicate that Vladimir Monomakh founded the city in 1108. Along with it, there is a second version, a younger one, it is based on many written historical documents (such as Suprasl, Gustyn, Ermolinskaya, Nikonovskaya and Kholmogorskaya chronicles, etc.) and calls the year 990 the date of the foundation of the city.


Golden Gate city of Vladimir

The three main attractions of the city, built in the XII century and under the auspices of UNESCO:

Golden Gate. Built in the form of a triumphal arch, they served as the main entrance to the city. Above the arch is the Military History Museum.

The Assumption Cathedral after its construction was the main temple of Russia for a long time. Here you can admire the wonderful frescoes of Andrei Rublev.

Dmitrievsky Cathedral is famous for its elegant carvings on its white stone walls.

Assumption Cathedral city of Vladimir

Other sights of the city are no less interesting:

Trinity Church is an Old Believer church, which houses a crystal museum. Residents call the building the Red Church.

The water tower in which the museum "Old Vladimir" is located.

City Duma.

Historical Museum.

Museum of Nature.


The church.

An art gallery with icons by Andrey Rublev.

There are many monuments in the city, including the most famous people related to the city: Prince Vladimir, Alexander Nevsky, Andrei Rublev.

It is impossible not to mention the Vladimir Central - a well-known prison that has existed since the time of Catherine II.

Vladimir has been noticeably changing for the better lately. A pedestrian street has appeared, new viewing platforms, monuments are being built, old parks are being equipped, theaters, philharmonic halls, libraries are functioning.


February 6, 2022
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