Vietnam War

Vietnam War

1959-1975 conflict in vietnam

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May 11, 2021
Blasts roars disrupting the silence from inside the Vietnam jungle. Shouts of pain and agonizing terror echoes throughout the canopies. The warmth of napalms embraces trees and vanquishes the coolness of the shades. Medivac propellers choreograph a synchronized dance among the rice paddies while fatally wounded soldiers are being transported in an attempt to save their lives. The War that had transpired in Vietnam over half a century ago, was a nightmare only some had experienced and known...
Michileen Martin
April 14, 2021
Digital Trends
Whether you're looking for poignant historical commentary or zombies on D-Day, Hulu's got the war movie for you. Check out our picks for the best of them!
April 13, 2021
The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict. It was a war that divided the Americans. Some fully supported it, while the other half expressed their disdain. Aside from North Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and South Vietnam, the main players were the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The Cold War between the two latter parties intensified the already deadly war. The United States mainly supported South Vietnam, while the Soviet Union and their ally in the South, the Viet...
March 15, 2021
50 years ago, in 1970, the unwinnable Vietnam War was winding down. Already, entire Divisions in the south were "standing down" and leaving Vietnam. But not in the north. There the war was intensifying. Casualties were up and morale was down, but it would be 3 more years before all the GIs would be gone., , , , Few who were there can even talk about it. 1Lt. George Papa is a rare exception. In honor of those who were there, and those back home who had no idea what was actually going on, but st...
February 15, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Founder of the United States Veterans Arts Program, past Director of the Veterans Art Museum in Chicago coordinating the development of the...
January 22, 2021
Pearson Media Group has long helped brilliant authors transmute visions and dreams into reality since 1990 by quickly adapting to or raising the standards in the film industry. For decades, it has continued to push boundaries and talents by fulfilling its core promise in providing creativity and inspiration a place to start its journey to success. This time, they pledge their service to Johnny Pugh's memoir the same way this veteran army pledged himself for his country., , , , The book conve...
Carole Zimmer
December 20, 2020
Business Insider
Former Congresswoman Katie Hill, filmmaker Ken Burns, and director Julie Taymor open up about how they survived tough times in their careers.
Ryan Pickrell
December 15, 2020
Business Insider
These three snipers had nearly 300 confirmed kills, but what makes them examples for Marines today is more than their skills in battle.
Stavros Atlamazoglou
December 8, 2020
Business Insider
A daring rescue attempt deep inside North Vietnam in 1970 didn't bring any prisoners home, but it did have a profound impact on US special operations.
Stavros Atlamazoglou
November 26, 2020
Business Insider
As Americans at home sat down for Thanksgiving in 1968, John Stryker Meyer and his team of operators, ST Idaho, set out to solve a deadly puzzle.
Jennifer Bisset
November 5, 2020
Don't know what to watch tonight? Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer.
Karen Kaplan
October 30, 2020
Los Angeles Times
COVID-19 deaths are draining political support for Republicans, from Trump to candidates for Congress, according to a new study.
Avi Loeb
July 15, 2020
Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
Hillary Hoffower
November 27, 2019
Business Insider
Studies from 2019 have found that depression and "deaths of despair" are on the rise among millennials.
James Pasley
October 30, 2019
Business Insider
Here are all of the former US veterans or their families that President Donald Trump has disparaged over the years.
October 4, 2019
Learning from history.
May 25, 2019
The Vietnam War has inspired countless literatures over the decades. Still, like the many unknown soldiers lost to the war, there seems to be just as many stories lost to oblivion and many truths buried underneath piles of public criticism, media hype, and heresy., , , , In "Fort Nowhere, Vietnam," Arthur Wiederhold talks about the truth he discovered in Nam and the unfair, incorrect picture painted by the media. He talks about the horrors of war every soldier had to face in a country thousa...
May 14, 2019
Father Harry J. Bury's book titled "Maverick Priest: A Story of Life on the Edge" received a good review from Foreword Clarion. It narrates his life story - from advancing in Minnesota to retiring from work in an effort to end violence. The Catholic priest's book also gives readers an awareness on social injustice during the last half of the twentieth century and the means to end it., , , , Yet, "Maverick Priest" offers an unparalleled writing style. It is written like a history book, a s...
May 1, 2019
Arthur Wiederhold (Art), ex-war correspondent and author of "Fort Nowhere, Vietnam," shares his vivid memories of the Vietnam War. He writes insightful articles of his experience and publishes them through his blog: The American military received harsh criticisms from the public due to the media's persuasive depiction on them - savages and rapists. Unconvinced of the media's version of the truth, Art decided to go to Nam to discover it himself. While...
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