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ViaeX is a company developing biological nano-filtration systems for industrial applications.

ViaeX is a company that develops nano-filtration systems for water and air that target pollutants and bacteria that may be present in an environment. The company was founded by Hudson Liao, Rui Wang, and Vivian Qu in 2016, in San Francisco, California, United States.

The filtration systems that ViaeX is responsible for are made from biodegradable chitosan bio waste, renewable materials. They can be used in industries such as water purification, industrial separation, skin care, food and beverage filtration, healthcare, and wound treatments.

Membranes in the chitosan are processed by electro-spinning into the nano fibrous surface areas, allowing for lower contaminant amounts. The process that customers and users navigate to select what they need includes selecting materials, profiling a target material design, making a target system design, pre-processing the designs, synthesizing and characterizing the material, post-processing the material, prototyping, and finally scaling.

The bio-waste that is used as a base material was chosen to reduce the amount of natural resources that are used in industrial processes and in various industries.



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