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Vasily Zinkevich

Vasily Zinkevich

Vasily (Vasily) Ivanovich Zinkevich (Ukrainian: Василь Іванович Зинкевич; born 1945) is a Soviet and Ukrainian singer and actor. Hero of Ukraine (2009). People's Artist of the USSR (1986).

He was born on May 1, 1945 in the village of Vaskovtsy (now Izyaslav district, Khmelnytsky region, Ukraine). He graduated from Klemb Secondary School in 1965 (class teacher Nadezhda Vitalevna Strupekhovskaya. She died on March 2, 2002 in Odessa).

A graduate of the Vyzhnytsya School of Decorative and Applied Arts, in 1968 he made his first vocal steps at VIA Smerichka under the direction of Levko Dutkovsky, where Nazariy Yaremchuk came a year later.

In 1971, Vasily Zinkevich received All-Union fame, performing together with Yaremchuk and Ivasyuk the song "Red Route", which became the best song in the country [1].

In 1972, with L. Dutkovsky's song "Goryanka" together with N. Yaremchuk and the ensemble "Smerichka" he became the Laureate of the All-Union TV Competition in Moscow "Hello, we are looking for talents!" .

In 1973, Lev Dutkovsky's Vyzhnytsia "Smerichka" was invited to the Philharmonic.

In 1975 he left the professional "Smerichka" by L. Dutkovsky and went to work as a soloist of the Volyn VIA "Svityaz" under the direction of Valery Gromtsev.

Since 1980 he has been the artistic director of VIA Svityaz.

The singer lives in Lutsk.

Recalling the times after meeting Ivasyuk, the singer said that then a whole generation of Ukrainian pop music was born. Even then, they were invited to central television and European television programs. Even then, many noticed that they broke away from the usual traditions and everyone was attracted to it. [2]

Vasily Zinkevich's children - Vasily and Bogdan - continued their father's path on the stage.


May 1, 1945
Vasily Zinkevich was born.


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