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Vans Old School

Vans Old School

Old School is a low-top Vans shoe with laces.

Old School is a skateboarding line marked with leather branding. "Jazz band" from the moment of its appearance has become a symbol of Vans.

Sean Penn

After the debut of the “OFF THE WALL” logo, #36 comes out in 1977, followed by #98 slip-ons. Checkered Vans Slip-Ons gained international acclaim after Sean Penn wore them in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

With the release of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", sales of Vans skyrocketed, and the brand name became known everywhere literally the day after the premiere.

The Old School was the first skate shoe to include leather panels for added durability.

Vans Old School

Birth of Vance Old School.

Vans' Old School style offered special perks with stitched panels that could be customized to suit anyone.

Over time, an infinite number of colors and variations appeared. The Old School was the first skate shoe to include leather panels for added durability. They were launched in three soothing shades in 1977, with one of them being the blue version worn by director Stacey Peralta, also known as a professional skateboarder. But that was just the beginning for Vance Old School to compete with Authentic.

Mark Van Doren, 13, designed the logo for a stencil that could be transferred to a skateboard. Initially, the logo was placed on the back of the sole. In 1977, the #35 Old Skool model was released, the first model to feature the famous side stripe.

Durable canvas and a vulcanized outsole, as always, were responsible for the durability of the shoe.

In the 1980s, fans of the brand explored the versatile design of the Vance Old School. The top panels have become the perfect canvas for creativity. They were redesigned to express their individuality. Continuing this tradition 20+ years later, the company has made it possible to officially create sneaker designs online.

Vans Old Skool finally acquired the status of a legend in the 1990s. Sneakers have been worn by everyone from professional skateboarders and rock stars to celebrities and hip-hop artists.

Popular Models of Vans.

Until now, the most popular at Vans are their old-school models, released in an updated design:

  1. Slip-On - suede sneakers, with dense canvas inserts.
  2. Authentic - the same 44s, which are now produced from 100% cotton, dense canvas and a metal eyelet, natural leather.
  3. Old School - leather shoes that combine textile inserts.
  4. The Sk8-Hi is a true Vans legend, featuring original canvas details, suede inserts, textiles, leather, faux leather.

Vans X Anderson Paak Old Skool collaboration sneakers

Material: leather, textile, rubber (outsole)

Country of manufacture: Cambodia

These days, Vans can be seen everywhere - whether it's the coping of a skate ramp or the red carpet. Recent collaborations with renowned designers and brands such as Marc Jacobs, Marvel and Disney, or a new take on a classic like the Blur Check colorway, continue to cement the brand's fame.



Year of release Vans of the Wall

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