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Urban Planet

Urban Planet

Ukrainian clothing brand.

The history of the Urban Planet brand began in mid-2010. The founder of the brand, Stanislav Shypil , had a starting capital of 42 dollars and a dream — to create high-quality clothes and accessories in the style of street wear. All began with 10 t-shirts and 20 thin with designer prints. Today Urban Planet is a popular Ukrainian brand with its own production and a large creative team.

Every year the brand changed, as well as everything around. We have been part of the gate of culture all the time: Break-up, graffiti, DJing, MS. Even skateboarding, bmh, and rollerbleding were supported in part. In certain years became dependent on snowboarding and this is manifested in our speeches.

But the foundations of culture are always in the first place. All designs go from idea to transformation and implementation in speeches. Many people remember what everything started and now the brand is a strong team of designers from different parts of the world, where the idea is at the beginning of every thing.

We believe that things are devoid of values, if not supported by an ideal idea. To be one of thousands of other lights/sweatshirts or t-shirts, it is not about us.

Our customers should not be copies of others, so we follow a clear plan - to turn ideas into things.


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