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Zhe Zhang
July 8, 2021
Harvard Business Review
A good nickname is a gift. Don't squander it.
The Ultimate Rap League
June 7, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- The Ultimate Rap League (URL) announces its highly-anticipated Night of Main Events XI (NOME XI) card. The biggest night in battle rap will...
Melanie Weir
May 27, 2021
Business Insider
You can download Twitter videos using a third-party app and save them to your desktop or mobile device.
May 27, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- El correo electrónico sigue siendo uno de los canales de marketing más eficaces, con un rendimiento promedio de USD 42 por cada dólar gastado...
Ron Amadeo
May 23, 2021
Ars Technica
Holding a trade show inside an online game is actually pretty fun.
Zee News
May 20, 2021
Zee News
The Income Tax department is all set to roll out a new income tax e-filing online platform that will allow taxpayers to file routine income tax returns (ITRs) from June 7 onwards. The department said that the new portal will be taxpayer-friendly and can be integrated with the facility to process In
May 10, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Over the past year, the world has seen somewhat of a digital renaissance. New companies have sprouted up, companies have taken business online,...
Dave Johnson
April 30, 2021
Business Insider
An RSS feed is a file that contains a summary of updates from a website, often in the form of a list of articles with links.
Khamosh Pathak
April 25, 2021
How-To Geek
Peeking at the URL of a link that you're about to open is a good way to make sure the URL is what you expect and not a trick. Here's how to preview links in Safari for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
The Kim Komando Show
April 24, 2021
Fox News
Most gadgets don't come with a user manual that spells out every single feature. We learn them by doing, when someone spills the beans, or asking, "How'd you do that?"
Dave Johnson
April 23, 2021
Business Insider
You can use the IMPORTRANGE function in Google Sheets to easily copy data from one spreadsheet to another.
Jacob Kastrenakes
February 4, 2021
The Verge
Google Chrome has disabled the extension The Great Suspender for containing malware, and some users have lost tabs because of it. However, there's a way to get them back.
Dave Johnson
February 4, 2021
Business Insider
A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator, a tool used to find webpages. It is composed of a protocol, a domain, a path, and a webpage name.
Miller Lite
February 1, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Today Miller Lite is responding to Michelob Ultra's Big Game ad by releasing a campaign of its own featuring a 836-character URL proven to burn...
Dave Johnson
January 23, 2021
Business Insider
You can shorten a URL by using websites like Bitly and TinyURL that make compact, easier-to-share versions of the URL.
Emma Witman
January 15, 2021
Business Insider
To change your SoundCloud name on either desktop or mobile, you just need to open the "Edit profile" menu.
Alex Scroxton
December 23, 2020
Here are Computer Weekly's 10 top cyber security stories of 2020
Dave McKay
December 8, 2020
QR Codes can do a whole lot more than just take you to a web site. And they're easy to create on the Linux command line too. We show you how.
Jay Peters
November 19, 2020
The Verge
Messaging app Go SMS Pro, which has over 100 million installs from the Google Play store, has a massive security flaw that potentially allows people to access the sensitive content you've sent using the app. TrustWave has released a report about the vulnerability.
Tyler Lacoma
November 16, 2020
Digital Trends
Looking for a way to download YouTube videos and avoid streaming issues? These downloaders are great ways to save and customize YouTube videos within seconds.
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